Le Pen Blasts French Govt ‘Paralysis’ over Paris Riots

Head of the French far-right party Front national (FN) and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen gives a speech, on February 5, 2017, as part of a two-day political rally to kick off the presidential campaign of the FN presidential candidate. / AFP / JEFF PACHOUD (Photo credit should read JEFF …

French presidential candidate and anti-mass migration Front National leader Marine Le Pen has slammed the French government claiming it has become “paralysed”.

The Paris riots, which began over a week ago, have left a wave of destruction on the streets of Paris with cars burned and local shops smashed by gangs in the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of the Seine-Saint-Denis region.  The continued rioting has earned the ire of the Front National leader who has accused the government of silence and inaction in the face of the violence in a statement.

“The forces of order are targeted by bands of scoundrels,” Le Pen said and noted that nothing has so far dissuaded the roaming gangs from continuing to commit acts of violence.  Calling the situation “a shame for France” on the international stage, Le Pen said, “The government is silent. A silence that reflects both its cowardice and its impotence.”

The presidential candidate asked why the demonstration for the alleged victim of police abuse, a  22-year-old black youth worker Theo who was allegedly sodomised with a truncheon, was allowed to go on Sunday evening despite clear evidence the protest may turn violent. The protest did indeed turn violent that evening with several vehicles torched and protesters throwing stones at police.

Earlier this week, a busload of Korean tourists were also attacked in the area by the mob who robbed them and tried to set fire to their vehicle. The attack led the South Korean government to warn tourists against visiting Paris due to the violence.

LePen slammed Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux saying he “obviously runs away from his responsibilities”. She did not spare the conservative Republicans, whose current presidential candidate François Fillon is embroiled in scandal, saying they were responsible for the reduction in numbers of police and gendarmerie.

“We recall that our country is in a state of emergency,” the Front National leader noted. “What good is it if the government refuses to use the means at its disposal to maintain public order and enforce the authority of the state?”

Le Pen concluded by saying, “Security is not a privilege but a fundamental right that must be restored for all French people”.

As the French presidential elections approach, Le Pen has taken the lead in polls in the first round of voting in April. Due to the scandal involving Fillon and his wife, Emmanuel Macron has emerged as the likely opponent for Le Pen in the second round.


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