French Communists Plot to Tear Down Nation’s ‘Racist’ Heritage

“Is it right that Parisian streets bear the names of slavers and generals who made racist remarks?” asks a book to be published next month, whose veteran Communist authors hope will launch an all-out war on the riot-plagued French capital’s heritage.

Anti riot police stands guard as people gather during a demonstration to show support to a 22-year-old youth worker, identified only as Theo, after he was assaulted on February 2, in Barbes Rochechouart district in Paris, on February 15, 2017. French President Francois Hollande called for 'justice' over the alleged …

Cars Burn in Paris as Migrant Communities Protest Police Shooting

Riots have broken out in Paris with cars burned and property damaged after a man said to be of Chinese extraction was shot by police in his home. Cars were set alight in Paris’ 19th district Monday evening after 56-year-old Shaoyo