WATCH: Delingpole Takes Apart National Trust For Politicising Britain’s Heritage

Breitbart London’s James Delingpole has slammed the National Trust for jumping on the political correctness bandwagon by holding a festival highlighting some of its properties’ connections to historical LGBT figures.

The festival is part of a series of events marking fifty years since the passing of legislation partially decriminalising homosexuality in the UK, dubbed the ‘Prejudice and Pride’ season. But, in a segment for the BBC’s Daily Politics, Delingpole took aim the National Trust for stepping beyond its mandate in promoting such politicised events.

The National Trust owns and preserves many of Britain’s notable historical properties and great houses; a role which Delingpole lauded – he often took his children to visit their properties when they were young, he said.

But, he continued, “I gave up on the National Trust when it gave up on its day job.

“Instead of preserving our heritage it started dabbling in politics. It came out against fox hunting and started campaigning against global warming – it jumped on the political correctness bandwagon.

“Britain, as we’re well aware, has a fine and glorious tradition of stately homos. The Trust’s greatest director James Lees-Milne was a delightfully bitchy queen. But so what?” Delingpole asked.

“What exactly does sexuality have to do with heritage? Aren’t there already enough right-on charities out there, treating us like primary school children, telling us what to think about the politically correct matters of the moment?”

The National Trust, Delingpole argued “is the guardian of our history, not some trendy social justice warrior”. He concluded: “Maybe if enough of us resign our memberships, it might take the hint.”

The BBC invited a National Trust spokesman to debate Delingpole on the program, but no spokesman was offered.

However, fellow guest Nus Ghani, the Conservative MP for Wealden countered “It’s important that these properties show the history of who lived there, whether they’re lesbian, gay, or transgender. I think it’s also important that the National Trust shows the stories of people that lived there that were oppressed [sic], and also the heroes as well.

Suggesting that Delingpole had a racist agenda, she added: “Also it’s important that people of all backgrounds visit these properties, and I worry that’s going to upset you, when we all turn up and we don’t all look like you.”

Delingpole shot back “that’s exactly what I would expect a virtue-signalling member of the modern Tory party to say.”

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