KASSAM ON HANNITY: Trump’s Sweden Opponents Either ‘Cretinous Liars’ or ‘Partisan Dumb-Dumbs’

Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam joined Sean Hannity to slam the media reaction to comments about Sweden made by U.S. President Donald Trump calling the journalists “partisan dumb-dumbs”.

Kassam joined a panel of two other guests to talk about the relationship of Mr Trump and the mainstream media, which he has repeatedly called out and criticised.

Trump’s comments on the state of Sweden and it’s societal fragmentation due to mass migration provoked mockery from Swedish politicians and many others in the media, but Kassam hit back against this, having just returned to the United States from a trip to Sweden’s “No Go Zones” just last week.

“The president was absolutely manifestly correct on Sweden. I was there just last week in Rosengard in Malmo, in Husby and Rinkeby the suburbs of Stockholm and what I saw was absolutely terrifying,” Kassam said.

On Tuesday Kassam wrote at length about his experiences travelling through the areas that police have labelled as “no-go zones” and wrote, “Within minutes of exiting a cab outside central Husby, I was surrounded by drug dealers pushing “hashish” and “marijuana”. Within a few seconds more we witness two van loads of Swedish police appearing to negotiate one man’s arrest from a building guarded by burly men.”

Though he remained unscathed, Kassam said the reason was likely due to his appearance and his acting innocuous, adding: “but for young women, for police and other emergency services, you take your life into your hands when you enter these areas.”

Regarding the journalists who have reported that everything is fine in Sweden Kassam fired back saying, “I can’t tell whether these journalists now are just partisan dumb-dumbs or cretinous liars or vice-versa, who knows? But the fact of the matter is they haven’t been there, they haven’t seen what’s going on.”

He then hit out at the lack of integration of the large migrant populations who live in the various no-go zones and the culture in Sweden that has allowed migrants to “ghettoise” in their communities.

“The Swedish government is effectively forcing them to do so by putting them in these housing tenements where they all live together,” he said.

“You can tell [Trump is] right because [the media] came out and said he was wrong within seconds of him saying this. That means they haven’t looked into it, they haven’t researched it, they haven’t read the books on it,” he noted.

Shortly after the Swedish government released a statement criticising Trump’s comments the suburb of Rinkeby erupted into riots with multiple cars being set on fire.  According to journalists on the scene, the area looked like a war zone.

To explain the real state of Sweden and it’s problems caused by mass migration Breitbart London published a list of ten reasons Sweden’s so-called “multicultural utopia” has been a massive failure.

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