Migrant Who Murdered Pensioner Asks for Death Penalty

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A migrant who robbed and then brutally murdered a German pensioner and wrote “the time of revenge has come” in Arabic on her wall has asked the judge for the death penalty. His request was denied.

The trial of 27-year-old Abubaker C. is coming to a close in a court in the German city of Heilbronn. The Pakistani asylum seeker has been found guilty of robbing and murdering a 70-year-old woman. He asked the judge for the death penalty, but was denied as capital punishment is banned in Germany, reports Der Speigel.

Abubaker C. asked if he could have time to cry. The judge replied, “you will have quite a lot of time for that” and handed down a life sentence for murder.

The Pakistani’s motives were considered unclear during the trail due to the phrases he had written on the victim’s wall in Arabic and Urdu. Writing, “the time of revenge has come”, and “His Excellency, Ali, was the last person to say to the people of eternity, I am God” lead to speculation the murder was religiously motivated and possibly even related to radical Islamic terror.

During the course of the trial, the asylum seeker, a Sunni Muslim, claimed he wrote the latter phrase to distract police and make them think a religious Shiite had committed the crime.

The court also heard how Abubaker C. carried out the murder. He waited in the house for hours until around 1:50 am and used his mobile phone for light. Ten minutes later, he entered the room of 70-year-old Maria M. Alleging he was afraid she might wake up and make noise, he strangled her to death with a scarf and a telephone cord.

After the murder, Abubaker C. placed a crucifix between the hands of Maria M., who was a devout Catholic. This action, along with the religious texts, led the prosecution to claim the motivation for the murder was religious, rather than a simple robbery.

Abubaker C. arrived in Germany in late 2013 and applied for asylum in 2014, having travelled across the now closed Balkan route. He is not the only asylum seeker to have been convicted of murder during the migrant crisis in Germany or elsewhere in Europe.

The most well-publicised case of a girl killed by an asylum seeker was that of Maria Ladenburger who volunteered at a local asylum home. Ladenburger was killed and raped by an Afghan migrant who claimed to be underage but was later found out to be an adult.

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