‘Explosive’ Parcel at German Finance Ministry ‘Sent from Greece’


(AFP) – An “explosive” package found at the office of the German finance minister was sent from Greece, a police source in Athens said on Thursday.

German police had discovered the package at Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s office building earlier Wednesday, a day before he was due to host his new US counterpart Steven Mnuchin for talks.

“The package contained an explosive mix,” Berlin police said in a statement, adding that the substance is often used in the production of fireworks.

“It was designed to cause severe injuries when the package is opened,” said police.

The parcel was intercepted in the ministry mailroom.

Greece’s interior ministry said authorities in both countries were working together on the case.

The Greek police source said the package had a Greek stamp. The “sender” of the parcel was given as a key member of the opposition New Democracy party – along with his real address.

Greek authorities are examining how the package was able to leave the country containing the explosive material.

Schäuble became extremely unpopular in Greece during the country’s crippling debt crisis as he was seen as unyielding in imposing austerity on Athens in exchange for financial aid.


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