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East Germany

Merkel Minister Compares Turkey To Communist East Germany

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s finance minister is comparing Turkey with communist East Germany after his government toughened its stance toward Ankara following the jailing of a human rights activist. The government a day earlier told German citizens traveling to Turkey

Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schaeuble

Germany: UK Will Fund EU For A Decade After Brexit

The UK should be forced to keep paying billions to the European Union (EU) ten years after it leaves, and cannot expect any special deal on migration, a leading EU politician has insisted.


Merkel: Britain Remaining In The EU Is ‘Desirable’

BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Friday she hopes Britain will vote to remain in the European Union in a June 23 referendum that her finance minister labeled a “wake-up call.” Britain and Germany have traditionally been allies


German Minister: Closed Borders Will Lead To Inbreeding

Germany’s Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has declared that if Germany closes its borders Germans will degenerate through inbreeding. Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has made it clear that he does not support a securing or closing of the borders of


German Finance Minister Says Brexit Would Push EU To Reform

The European Union (EU) would survive Britain leaving the bloc, and a Brexit could even spur European leaders into taking a new direction, the German Finance Minister has said. Speaking to the University of Basel’s European Institute, the Wolfgang Schäuble

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People Traffickers Making BILLIONS Out Of Europe’s Illegal Migration Invasion

Criminal gangs organising the trafficking of illegal migrants across Europe’s porous borders have made an estimated profit of almost £4 billion in the past 12 months alone, according to the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol. Europol’s director Rob Wainwright told the

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German Politicians Slam Greece Over Handling of Migration Crisis

BERLIN – Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble (pictured above) and a senior Bavarian politician criticised Greece on Sunday over the way it is managing its role in Europe’s biggest migration crisis since World War Two. Schaeuble, who has clashed repeatedly