Swedish Woman Promised Asylum Seeker Marriage if He Killed Her Father

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An asylum seeker from Afghanistan who is the main suspect in a murder in Sweden was allegedly promised marriage in exchange for killing the victim.

The murder of a 68-year-old man last August in the Swedish town of Arboga left investigators initially puzzled. Their first suspect in the case was the man’s wife but she was later released.

Their 42-year-old daughter was then arrested along with her 19-year-old asylum seeker lover. Now, the young Afghan national has admitted to police he carried out the killing because the 42-year-old had promised to marry him in return for the murder, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

The 19-year-old asylum seeker confessed the crime to police during an interrogation saying that he had stabbed the 68-year-old man with a knife and had then thrown the murder weapon into a nearby stream. Police say they are still searching for the knife used by the teen.

“She promised to support him and a marriage would increase the chance to get a residence permit,” police said. When asked if there had also been a sum of money involved, police said the migrant had already been living well with the woman and said the motivation was likely more to do with “feminine wiles” than anything else.

Neither the lawyer for the 19-year-old nor the prosecutor would comment on the confession with prosecutor Jessica Wenna saying she simply did not want to go into details at the present time.

What drove the woman to want to kill her father is currently unknown but she has been linked to previous deaths including her former husband who was found dead in August of 2015. A 25-year-old friend of the woman was arrested for the crime.

“She has tried to persuade other people to murder, with former business associates appearing on her death list,” police said.

Violent crime in Sweden has made headlines over the past month since U.S. President Donald J. Trump mentioned how mass migration had affected the country in a very negative way. Since he made his comments, there have been shootings, grenade attacks, and other crimes in highly migrant-populated areas, also known as No-Go Zones.

One of the most infamous No-Go Zones is the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby which saw rioting and looting only a day after President Trump made his speech. Footage also emerged that showed what police who patrol Rinkeby have to deal with as they are routinely attacked by residents who, in the video, tell them that they have no authority there.


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