Swedish Paper Gives Migrant Crime Whistleblower Cop New Column


Whistleblower police officer Peter Springare, who exposed the extent of migrant crime in Sweden, has been given a new column by newspaper Nyheter Idag.

Officer Springare has become a household name in Sweden after using his Facebook account to tell the public about the level of migrant crime police have to deal with but that otherwise goes unreported by establishment media or the government.

Springare’s revelations that most criminals he dealt with were from migrant backgrounds were met with backlash from the government and the police. Now, Springare is getting a platform in the form of a column in newspaper Nyheter Idag to inform Swedes and the outside world of the real situation when it comes to migrant crime in the Scandinavian country.

Sweden’s police force was against Springare from the beginning and along with the government attempted to charge him with “inciting racial hatred”. The charges were later dismissed. Undeterred, the police have now launched an investigation into Springare’s use of police computers saying he “hacked” their database to produce figures for an article he wrote.

Despite the resistance, Springare has continued to post on Facebook and even revealed a riot at a school that saw police and journalists attacked earlier this month had been largely perpetrated by young migrant men. Of the 11 participants in the riot, Springare alleged that 10 of them came from migrant backgrounds.

In his newest Facebook post, Springare declared war on “left extremist journalists” which lawyer Mårten Schultz said on Saturday could be used against him by his employer. The article spurred Chang Frick of Nyheter Idag to offer Springare a platform from which he could be protected under law as the newspaper, and not him personally, would be responsible for what is published.

While he will have protection from prosecution, Schultz argues, Springare may still be fired by the police force. Springare was contacted by the paper and quickly accepted the offer saying: “This is really exciting. It is also taking a step further from what I write on Facebook, it will be in a more orderly manner.”

Migrant crime and the effects of mass migration in Sweden have been a hot topic across the world after U.S. President Donald J. Trump mentioned it in a speech last month.

The Swedish government stopped keeping records of the ethnic origin of suspects over a decade ago and though migrant crime has been more or less an open secret, Springare is one of the first police officers to fully admit that the migrant criminal problem is much larger than Swedish officials are willing to admit.

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