#Candles4EU: Anti-Brexit Brigade ‘Mourn’ Article 50 by Lighting Candles

Article 50

Opponents of Brexit are posting pictures of candles on social media to show their “sadness and sense of loss” at the UK triggering Article 50 ahead of a candlelit vigil to be held in central London Wednesday night.

Using the hashtag #candles4EU and #NotInMyName, the campaign has been supported by Labour Party MPs, university professors, and activists. Many Brexit supporters, however, have mocked the initiative.

“Please post your candle pics to say #candles4EU. Fight against Brexit madness far from over, but today we mourn #NotInMyName #Brexlit”, declared the Twitter account LabourAgainstBrexit.

“[Exeter Labour party] members will be mourning #Article50 triggering tomorrow by lighting #candles4EU outside the Guildhall [at] 6pm. Do come along,” added the Labour MP for Exeter Ben Bradshaw.

“#BrexitDay: The day which will go down in history as the day the gov’t allowed racism, sexism and islamophobia to reign free #NotInMyName,” blasted Amy Shaw‏.

“Happy #StupidDay, I mean, #BrexitDay,” tweeted The London Economic magazine alongside an article titled: “Did only stupid people vote for Brexit?”

Many of the messages were angry and vengeful, with some promising to fight and even overturn the referendum result.

“We will be back!” commented Twitter user Christabel Edwards alongside her candle image. “Never forgive, never forget,” said Oxted Man on the social media site. “Shameful UK,” added Juliet Lodge, a professor of European communication studies at the University of Reading.

“Not one but four candles to mark this day of national humiliation and shame,” wrote Paul Sceeny, adding: “Whilst the front bench flinches and quitters sneer, we’ll keep our #candles4EU burning here…”

Some supporters of Brexit were quick to hijack the hashtag and proceeded to mock the emotional response of Remainers.

“Maybe Elton John will do a song ‘Candles in the Whinge’. Cheers,” Tweeted Stuart F alongside a picture of a mug carrying the words “Remainer Tears”.

“Lol at #NotInMyName. Get over yourselves, nobody cares. Your opinions are irrelevant,” wrote Twitter user Bobby.

“Loving that #candles4EU has got so many knuckle-dragging quitter keyboard warriors riled,” replied Paul Screeny, hitting back at the Brexit supporter taking the mick.


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