EXCLUSIVE — Gina Miller: ‘I Have Never Opposed Brexit’

Supreme Court Rules On Government's Brexit Appeal

Gina Miller has claimed she is not, and has never been, opposed to Brexit and wants the UK to secure the best deal outside of the European Union (EU).

The millionaire businesswoman and campaigner almost single-handedly delayed the triggering of Article 50 by forcing the Government to put the issue to a Parliamentary vote in the courts.

“I think everyone has got to work together. I absolutely agree with Mrs. May when she said ‘it’s got to be about all of us pulling together’,” she told Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday, the day Article 50 was finally triggered.

“The EU should not want to see us fail and we should not want to see the EU fail – that damages everyone,” she added.

When presenter and Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam asked why many had perceived her as trying to stop Brexit, she replied:

“Well, I would throw it back to those individuals, and say: ‘If you could just stop the emotions.’ Because my case had nothing to do with stopping Brexit – it actually created the certainty for what is happening today.

“If [my critics] bothered to read, and look at what I did, they might be a little bit more honest in their assessments of it,” she said.

When Kassam was pointed out that she was financially backed by many prominent anti-Brexit campaigners, she admitted taking “a few thousand pounds” off them, but added:

“I was not backed by anyone but myself. This case was brought by me and no one else. And the fact was it was about the letter of the law. It wasn’t about Brexit. It had implications.

“My case was much bigger than Brexit. It was about ensuring a Government could not act as an executive and issue orders whenever they like by bypassing Parliament. That was my case – nothing more,” Mrs. Miller said.

The former model insisted she was only interested in Parliamentary sovereignty, rather than Brexit, many times during her court cases, despite never campaigning on the issue before.

After the cases, she said she would continue her fight because “I can’t think of anything better to do with the success I have”, and has launched a campaign to keep the possibility of the UK remaining in the EU open.


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