Black Member of Anti-Mass Migration Party Suffers Racist Abuse From Leftist Trolls

Facebook/AfD Kiel

The anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Kiel posted pictures of several volunteers helping them put up campaign signs and one of them, a black man, became the subject of racist ridicule by leftist users.

“Today the billboarders started to hang up posters in the city of Kiel. Meanwhile, the rest of the wood pallets are prepared for installation. Thanks to all volunteers for their support!” the Kiel AfD wrote on Facebook.

One of the most liked comments was by a man named Joel Eigelmeier who wrote: “Sorry, the question is: does the man know what he is doing?” followed by hashtags of “epic satire” and “epic fail”.

Another user pointed out that the man in question is actually Achille Demagbo, a member of the AfD’s national board. User Torsten Birghan, whose Facebook page contains an image of U.S. President Donald Trump being compared to a pig, said: “ Can we deport him? Something we really do not need in our country.”

“One thing is certain: He is not the ‘brightest’ candle on the cake …” Barzin Kasap Seleh wrote. One of the more racist comments came from user Alper Turcan from Turkey who said: “The moment when you’re doing everything you can to avoid being deported!”

Astrid Langen commented: “[I] hope he has properly negotiated compensation for his soul, which he has obviously sold. Maybe they have promised him a seat in parliament to get to financial security. Sorry, but that’s not a voluntary immigrant!!!”

Supporters of the AfD defended Mr. Demagbo saying he was one of the best AfD politicians in the area. Others decried the racist language from those on the left who often claim to be anti-racists themselves. 

Racism from the political left has raised its head recently in the UK regarding questionable comments from several high profile politicians like former London Mayor Ken Livingstone on the subject of Jewish people and Nazism. ‘Red’ Ken was recently suspended from the Labour party after suggesting Adolf Hitler at one time supported Zionism.