Delingpole: ‘…And Consequently This Country Is At War With Germany.’

AP/Matt Dunham

Germany has effectively declared war on Britain via its EU functionaries. How should Britain respond?

Well, I can see at least three good reasons for accepting their challenge.

  1. We got in lots of practice from 1914 to 1918 and again from 1939 and 1945. Plus, unlike the Germans, we’re still pretty match fit from Iraq and Afghanistan. So the next one should be a walkover.
  2. The German military is fat, unfit and swarming with peaceniks who have been brainwashed by an education system which for the last 70 years has been teaching them that “war is bad, m’kay?”
  3. Free men always fight better than slaves. (See, eg: Victor Davis Hanson’s Carnage And Culture). Germans really have nothing left worth fighting for: they are ruled by an elective dictatorship; their country is no longer theirs.

But I think if we are going to make absolutely sure of winning this one, there’s one thing we’re going to have to do first: dismantle the BBC.

Anyone who watched the BBC Nine O’Clock News last night with Laura Kuenssberg will know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Usually, BBC star reporters attempt at least a half-hearted gesture at pretending to be politically neutral in their reportage. But last night, on the BBC’s lead comment item on Britain’s Brexit negotiations, Kuenssberg was so flagrantly partisan that she might as well have done it to the strains of Ode to Joy while draped in the blue and gold-starred Euro flag and wearing a huge badge saying “I heart Jean-Claude Juncker.”

Let’s just briefly recap on what has happened so far:

Theresa May invited President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker and his entourage to dinner at 10 Downing Street. Though it was reportedly all smiles on the occasion itself, afterwards a very different version of events was leaked to a German newspaper – possibly by Juncker himself, more likely by his sinister chief of staff, a German lawyer and dark arts practitioner called Martin Selmayr.

According to this German version of events, the evening had been desastrose” and “eine Katastrophe.” Juncker had made it clear that “Brexit cannot be a success” and had – after some characteristically ill-mannered remarks about British cuisine – left dinner feeling “ten times more sceptical” about the prospects of a smooth Brexit transition. Juncker then reportedly phoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tell her that Mrs May was “living in a different galaxy” and “deluded.” At which point Mrs Merkel could have chosen to pour oil on troubled waters by insisting that as far as Germany was concerned the only aim was to find a Brexit agreement satisfactory to all parties. But she didn’t. Instead, Mrs Merkel stuck in the knife by making a speech to the German parliament warning that Mrs May should drop her “illusions”.

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, the EU’s chief negotiator – a fanatically Europhile Frenchman called Michel Barnier – has let it be known that he intends to make the Brexit negotiations as protracted and painful as possible and that, by the way, in order to abandon the sinking ship that is the EU Britain needs to pay a made-up-on-the-hoof exit fee of Euros 100 million.

So far so very European Union. This is precisely the kind of arrogant, bullying, greedy, twisted, two-faced behaviour that prompted 17.4 million people to vote for Brexit last year. The British were sick and tired of being ruled by scumbags and second-raters whom they couldn’t even have the pleasure of voting out of office.

It’s also exactly the kind of dirty trick tactic that the former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has warned Britain to expect, based on his own experiences trying – and failing – to extract a fair deal for Greece a few years back.

In the face of such provocation, it is hardly surprising that Prime Minister Theresa May should have responded with a few stiff words.

“All of these acts have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election,” she declared. “If we let the bureaucrats of Brussels run over us, we will lose the chance to build a fairer society with opportunity for all.”

Yes, I too could have done without that “fairer society with opportunity for all” bollocks. But she’s a campaigning politician and it’s the sort of thing campaigning politicians say. What’s far more important, surely, is that she is sending a signal to Juncker, to Barnier, to Selmayr, to Mrs Merkel and the rest of the EU bully mob: you mess with us and we’re going to mess you up real bad too.

This hardball, badassed attitude is, of course, the only possible way Britain can enter the Brexit negotiations. Unless, of course, we want to go down the David Cameron route and come away with nothing.

Anyone with half a brain can understand this. The only people who don’t understand this are the fanatics so utterly committed to the European Project that their only hope is somehow to try to sabotage Britain’s attempts to leave it. Or who, failing that, would love to see Britain leave on the worst terms possible so that they can be proved right in their predictions that it was always going to be a disaster and that we’d be much better off in.

Laura Kuenssberg and her employers the BBC are typical of this attitude. Kuenssberg’s acidic tone last night – together with her mugging, agonised expressions of disgust and exasperation – were designed to leave the viewer in no doubt that Theresa May’s response to all that EU goading was ill-judged and counter-productive. It is not remotely representative, though, of where the majority of the British people now stand.

Allister Heath puts it well in his latest column, originally entitled Brussels’ mad attempt to force us to pay reparations will backfire badly.

There is a new divide in Britain, courtesy of Jean-Claude Juncker, Michel Barnier, Angela Merkel and the other Euro-bullies.

Forget Leavers or Remainers: the real, unbridgeable split is now between those who are outraged by the Eurocrats’ preposterous demands and those who, shamefully, have decided to take the EU’s side.

The good news is that if the country was divided 52-48 per cent last June, it would surely be united 80-20 per cent on the basis of this new litmus test.

The first group includes most Remain voters: they may have disagreed with Brexit but quite naturally want the best for Britain and are furious at the EU’s blatant aggression […]

The second group is small and disproportionately made up of the Twitterati liberal elites, many of whom have been openly jubilant at the EU’s clumsy anti-May briefings.

As he goes on to point out, Britain is not Greece – and if the EU’s second-rater commissars think they can bully us into surrender like they did Varoufakis and co they’ve got another think coming.

We are a G7 economy with employment at an all-time high and are massive net contributors to the EU budget. It would be painful to walk away without a deal but all sides, not just us, would suffer.

Quite. So let’s have no more of this surrender monkey drivel from the BBC and its squishy friends on Twitter. This is war. And there’s no place in war for Quislings, cowards and traitors.


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