Hungarian Government: Islam and Europe ‘Incapable of Coexisting Without Conflict’

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Threatened with sanctions for refusing to accept the compulsory migrant quotas being imposed on European Union member-states by Brussels, the Hungarian government has declared that Islam and Europe “are incapable of coexisting without conflict”.

Zoltán Balog, the Central European country’s Minister for Human Capacities, branded the European Commission which leads the bloc as “helpless, bewildered and weak” in the face of the migrant crisis. Mr. Balog added the bloc was incapable of providing a solution and resentful of the fact that Hungary, Poland, and now the Czech Republic, have found one in the form of robust border controls.

“Islam is a major culture and religion,” Balog explained, “but Europe has a different identity, and it is clear that these two cultures are incapable of coexisting without conflict.”

The multilingual graduate theologian believes that “The greatest difference is that in Europe, politics and religion have been separated from one another, but in the case of Islam it is religion that determines politics.”

With Germany, Sweden, and other EU member-states who encouraged mass immigration at the height of the crisis struggling with the exorbitant cost of the influx, the EU forced compulsory migrant quotas on the rest of the bloc despite vigorous opposition from Central Europe.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been resisting the quota system ever since, and Balog reiterated his government’s intention to resist “arbitrary measures” which they consider “unlawful and dangerous”.

The EU is, therefore, preparing to impose sanctions on Hungary and other recalcitrant member-states, causing a defiant Orbán to chastise Brussels as being “openly on the side of terrorists” and to vow: “As long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary and stand here, so will the border fence.”

He is being supported by the conservative Law and Justice administration in Poland, with Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski declaring: “We do not agree to such blackmail; with the notion that if you do not accept migrants … you will be financially punished.”

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