Brexit Research: More Left-Liberal University System Graduates Could Have Flipped the Result


New research suggests that, if just a few more British voters had been put through the country’s left-liberal university system prior to the Brexit referendum, the result could have been different.

Dr. Aihua Zhang, from the University of Leicester’s mathematics department, claims that if an extra three per cent of Britain’s voting public had been through university, the result might have been flipped.

“Higher education is found to be the predominant factor dividing the nation, in particular in England and Wales, between Remain and Leave,” his paper states.

“This analysis demonstrates highly significant evidence that university-educated British people tend to vote consistently across the UK for Remain.”

The findings are unsurprising, given several studies have reported a strong left-liberal bias in academia.

For example, a survey conducted by the neo-liberal Adam Smith Insititute recently found that roughly 75 per cent of British academics are left-liberal, compared to just 12 per cent who are conservative.

Additionally, many politics and current affairs departments have been infiltrated by the EU-funded Jean Monnet programme, which supports academic chairs and research centres across the continent and is comprised of roughly 1,700 professors processing approximately a quarter of a million students a year.

One U.S.- and Italy- based fellow boasted that “part of our mission as [a] Jean Monnet Professor is to disseminate the values of European integration” in a 2014 essay.

Despite suggestions that Leave voters being more likely to be “uneducated” proves their relative stupidity, the research does not bear this out.

Left-liberals may be more likely than conservatives to have acquired a degree, but they are not more likely to be highly intelligent, with the top 5 per cent for IQ being split fairly evenly between Left and Right.

Source: Tes

Bias is not only present in higher education, however, with research published by the Times Education Supplement indicating that primary and secondary schools are also dominated by teachers who support left-liberal parties.

Mock elections at dozens of schools suggest teachers’ views are filtering down to young people, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party carrying 72 schools to the Tory Party’s 15, followed by the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats.

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