Hungary Emulates Israel by Offering Refuge to Ethnic Hungarians Worldwide


Viktor Orbán plans to introduce an Israel-style Law of Return for ethnic Hungarians worldwide, so they have a place of refuge from countries where the security situation has deteriorated due to unchecked Islamism or failed left wing policies.

In Israel, the Law of Return states that “Every Jew has the right to come to this country”, unless he or she is deemed to be “engaged in an activity directed against the Jewish people; or is likely to endanger public health or the security of the State”.

“We must do the same as the Israelis, if Israel is allowed to do it, then so are we,” declared Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén.

“The essence of the State of Israel is that every Jew, wherever they may live in the world, can rest assured that there is a country, there is a homeland, and if they are persecuted anywhere in the world, they can go back home to that country, and that country will protect them under any circumstances, by using all its influence, both its visible and invisible influence,” he said.

Semjén extended his particular welcome to the Hungarian and Hungarian-descended community in Venezuela, which has descended into “chaotic and dictatorial conditions” as its state socialist model unravels.

“Hungary is their homeland, they can come home at any time, together with their families, including those who no longer speak Hungarian, because Hungary will give them every assistance they need,” he said.

“The Venezuelan Hungarians must know that they do not flee here, they do not emigrate here, but they come home. This is the message to every Hungarian around the world, that no matter what happens, Hungary is their homeland, and Hungary awaits them with open arms.”

Semjén also took aim at Hungary and Israel’s shared foe, the billionaire open borders activist George Soros, who he accused of pursuing an anti-Hungary campaign both in the United States and in Brussels, and financing goals contrary to the “essential life interests of the Hungarian people”.

Something similar to the Law of Return has occasionally been mooted for the descendants of British settlers in the British Empire’s former territories, but has not been introduced — with judges famously rejecting an asylum application from a white ex-policeman from Zimbabwe shortly after ruling that a black applicant who was formerly a torturer for Robert Mugabe could stay.

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