Guardian: Minorities Can only Vote Conservative In Reaction to ‘Unreliable White Liberals’


While the establishment media rails against Brexit and Donald Trump for respectively — or even collectively — “dividing” their countries, the Guardian has decided to promote an idea, popularized by Labour MP Laura Pidcock, that conservatives and liberals cannot mix.

In an article reminiscent of Shariah supremacist schooling — written by the paper’s deputy opinion editor and their sister paper’s chief leader writer — the Guardian also seeks to draw racial dividing lines between political persuasions, with Joseph Harker stating:

Others, who I have more respect for, are those racial minorities who believe in self-reliance as a way of overcoming inequality rather than depending on unreliable white liberals…

Forget that some people might actually just be conservative in their world view or philosophy. For Harker, it is all about race. He cannot see beyond it. You may only be right-wing if it is driven by a frustration (or worse) towards white liberals [emphasis added].

Co-author Sonia Sodha is supposed to offer the counterpoint to this, but only goes so far as to state she would be friends with a “conservative” with a secret leftist agenda:

…I’d certainly be more than open to friendship with, for example, a Conservative MP who I knew was arguing against the worst of austerity and Brexit behind the scenes…

Remember, the “worst of austerity” is simply “austerity” as far as the political left is concerned.

This decision to drive this wedge, especially along racial lines, is the left’s emulation of the Daily Stormer.

The Guardian’s contention is no different, philosophically, from that of ethno-nationalists, and in turn leads to racial abuse that black or brown conservatives routinely experience.

CNN recently reven led its affinity to this same mindset, allowing Democrat Keith Boykin to harrass Republican Paris Dennard over whether he was black enough.

For reformist or ex-Muslims, the phrases ‘Uncle Tom’ or ‘House Muslim’ have become a new line of attack as ‘Islamophobe’ begins to lose all meaning. Again, these left-wing xenophobic attitudes appear to be endorsed by the Guardians and CNNs of the world.

“Unity” has been the buzzword of the month. Meanwhile, the ‘liberals’ in the media and in politics seek to deride and sometimes even endanger conservatives from ethnic or religious minorities.

This proves — if ever there was any doubt — that when they say “unity” they don’t mean compromise, or negotiation. They mean “you had better start thinking like us, or else”.

Classic alt-left.

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London and author of No Go Zones: How Shariah Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You


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