Councillor Who Criticised Shariah Enclaves, Mass Migration to Be ‘Dealt with’ by Irish Premier’s Party


An Irish councillor who criticised open borders immigration and the establishment of Shariah enclaves in the West has been condemned by prime minister and party leader Leo Varadkar.

Brian Murphy, a councillor for the ruling Fine Gael party in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, used a series of Twitter posts to complain Ireland’s armed forces “should not be being forced to act as a ferry service for smugglers and illegal economic migrants in the Meditteranean”.

He also lamented that “Future generations of Europeans will inherit countries more divided, more dangerous and packed full of terrorists. They have been betrayed.”

Cllr Murphy also alleged that Shariah law was now operating in parts of Ireland, but that “most of the political class either do not know or do not care.”

In another tweet, he asserted that “The majority of the media in the Western world are cowards [and] most politicians are cowards” — a likely dig at their failure to tackle the problem, elaborated on at some length by Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam in No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

Cllr Murphy’s party is aligned with the Centrist Democrat International, and thus broadly centre-left but nominally “conservative” with regard to certain aspects of the free market and public spending – much like Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in Germany.

His admiration for Edmund Burke and opposition to mass migration are therefore at odds with received opinion in Fine Gael, triggering an angry response from leading man Leo Varadkhar (pictured), an ally of Canadian liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Irish Prime Minister — or Taoiseach — said: “I want to disassociate myself and the party from those messages from Cllr Brian Murphy. They do not represent the policies views or values of the Fine Gael party.

“The party at executive council level will take any necessary action that needs to be taken by them and he’ll be informed of that in due course.”

An unnamed spokesman had previously put the issue in even starker terms, promising that Cllr Murphy would be “be dealt with by the Fine Gael party”.

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