‘Allahu Akbar’ Attacker Assaults Policemen, Father, Children in Toulouse


A man shouting “Allahu Akbar” violently assaulted a father, his children, police, and other passersby in Toulouse, France, on Wednesday.

The attack happened on avenue Frédéric-Estèbe at around 4:30 pm, reports La Dêpeche du Midi.

The father described him and his son and daughter being violently assaulted: “We were talking when he jumped on us. He first got hold of my son and I tried to interpose.”

“Then he beat my daughter. So we ran,” the father said, who was described as shaken and disorientated.

The 42-year-old attacker, who was not armed, then assaulted several other passersby before police apprehended him. In total, four civilians were injured.

Motioning as if he were looking for something in his pockets, suggesting to security forces that he may have been armed, police then engaged the attacker. Three officers suffering injuries to their wrists, tibias, and shoulders.

Two of the four civilian victims were taken to the Toulouse-Rangueil hospital. The three injured police were cared for by firefighters of Haute-Garonne.

The attacker was detained and then sent to hospital.  He is said to not be known to police, but was noted as having stayed at a psychiatric hospital earlier in the year, being released in April.

Footage obtained by La Dêpeche du Midi show the attacker being handcuffed and put on a stretcher before being put in the back of an ambulance.

In the Hamburg terror attack in July, 26-year-old Palestinian migrant Ahmad A. boasted that he wanted to be a “terrorist”  before launching a knife attack in a supermarket killing one and injuring six others whilst screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’— but German police are reluctant to accept his confession and were seeking to establish that he was mentally ill instead.


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