Transgender Activists ‘Beats Up’ Woman Attending Meeting on Gender


A biologically male transgender activist has physically assaulted a woman in central London because she attempted to attend a meeting about transgender issues.

The victim, Maria MacLachlan, a 61-year-old feminist who questions transgender ideology, claims to have been “beaten up” near Speakers’ Corner because of her views on gender.

Activists said they wanted to “fuck… up” Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) before the event and pictures on social media showed Ms. MacLachlan with a bruised face.

Ms. MacLachlan explained in a statement: “A load of these bullies had turned up at Speakers’ Corner and one or two had shouted ‘Kill all terfs’ and there were a few arguments going on between people on our side and some of them.”

She explained how she was trying to film the intimidation, adding: “Suddenly some kid in a hoodie ran past me and tried to knock the camera out of my hand but it was attached to a loop round my wrist so he came back at me, I think trying to get my camera.

“I was determined not to let him get my camera and I was also terrified that my glasses were going to get broken because then I wouldn’t be able to see. I don’t remember much else except that somehow I ended up on the ground and it felt like a few of them were punching and kicking me and it seemed to last for ever but I guess it was just a few seconds.”

A video also surfaced on Youtube, purporting to show the violence.

Ms. MacLachlan had attempted to attend an event called “What is the meaning of gender? The Gender Recognition Act and beyond”, but speakers were labelled ‘TERFs’ by activists and targeted.

The meeting was initially due to take place at New Cross Learning, Lewisham, South London, but had to be moved after students and transgender activists bombarded the venue with calls and messages.

The venue said, “the potential risks to the library, volunteers, public, and building are beyond our risk appetite,” in a statement.

The speakers included Miranda Yardley, a ‘transsexual’ who is critical of some transgender activists, Dr. Julia Long, a sociology lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University who campaigns for abused women, and Venice Allan, a mother and activist.

Organisers rearranged, instructing attendees to meet at Speakers’ Corner before moving on to a “secret location.” However, a Facebook event called “No TERFS on our Turf” appeared, urging activists disrupt the rescheduled event. It read:

“Show up for our Trans sisters and disrupt the debate. Bring posters, bring guitars, bring drums, bring your Vuvuzela (if you have one) and your voices, and MAKE SOME NOISE TO DROWN OUT THESE NASTY TERFS BC TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN AND THAT IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE.”

One transgender and “anti-fascist” activist, Tara Flik Wood, posted threats on the group, reading: “Any idea where/if this is happening. I wanna fuck some terfs up, they are no better than fash.”


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