Lampedusa: Island Symbolising ‘Beacon of Hope’ for Open Borders Campaigners Is ‘Collapsing’

AP Photo/Francesco Malavolta

The Italian island which came to symbolise a “compassionate” open borders approach to the migrant crisis, after a deal was signed with globalist financier George Soros, is “collapsing” due to the newcomers’ behaviour, the new mayor has warned.

A primary point of entry to Europe, Lampedusa has been hailed internationally as a place extending open arms to migrants from the third world, with an award-winning film portraying arrivals as living in perfect harmony with the 6,000 island residents.

The UN Peace Prize-nominated island was described in The Guardian as having become a “beacon of hope for those fighting for open-door policies”, with the globalist international community lavishing prizes on its liberal mayor Giusi Nicolini who promoted Lampedusa as a migrant-welcoming gateway to Europe.

But the Democratic Party (PD) politician was booted out of office in June, and over the weekend the island’s new mayor, Salvatore Martello, warned that Lampedusa is “collapsing” as a result of the migrants.

“Police are powerless”, wrote Martello in a plea which urged the Italian government to close Lampedusa’s migrant centre, explaining that its presence has resulted in a chaos, with “constant thefts in clothing and food shops”.

“The bars are full of Tunisians who are drunk and harass women. I receive tens of messages from frightened tourists, hoteliers, traders and restaurateurs who suffer daily.”

Martello’s predecessor, who was awarded a Unesco peace prize for her “humanity, and her constant efforts in managing the refugee crisis” while in power, accused the mayor of “trying to create a climate of fear”.

“The island is full of tourists, and it doesn’t seem to me as if there have been any cases of harassment by Tunisians,” said Nicolini.

Earlier this year, Breitbart London revealed that Lampedusa’s transformation into a global symbol of open borders positivity, with the capacity to hold and process almost limitless numbers of migrants before transferring them to the Italian mainland, came after Nicolini signed a “memorandum of understanding” with the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE).

In it, the then-mayor agreed to let Soros’s international funding network “help strengthen Lampedusa’s capacity [to take migrants] and promote the island’s population and its guests”.

Last year, leaked OSIFE documents revealed the globalist billionaire proclaimed that mass migration to Europe should be accepted as a “new normal”, carrying with it “new opportunities” for his cash to influence immigration policies on a global scale.


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