Grooming Epidemic Spreads North to Glasgow, Scotland


Britain’s grooming epidemic has spread to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.

Authorities are probing yet another potential grooming ring after receiving reports of a gang targeting girls as young as 14 in an area of the city known as ‘the four corners’, at the junction of Argyle Street and Union Street.

The story was broken by the local Evening Times newspaper, which reports a social work source as saying the area is “rife” with child exploitation problems.

Whilst Scotland has benefited from a surge in employment, hiring, and salary-growth since the Brexit vote in June 2016, Glasgow remains one of Britain’s poorer cities, with the highest rate of unemployed households in the country until fairly recently.

Consequently, it home to many are many poor and vulnerable white girls — groomers’ usual target of choice.

“It isn’t just [my relative] who was targeted, other girls were involved too,” said one informant who remains nameless in order to protect the identity of the victim.

“The police have interviewed me on camera, and social work, and have interviewed [the victim] as well.

“She’s 17 now though and she’s been brainwashed. She thinks this guy is her boyfriend and won’t say what has happened to her.”

The newspaper reports that the girl in question is being taken to an address in Craigielea Street, Dennistoun, for sex with multiple men, along with several other teenagers.

The relative who spoke out said the situation “really is just our worst nightmare, it’s this Rochdale and Rotherham-type stuff but it’s happening here in Glasgow in a big way.

“Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, all the girls have been made to believe these men are their boyfriends.

“It’s white females they are hitting on, aged 14 to 19.”

Networks of mostly Pakistani-origin Muslim men targeting mostly white and overwhelmingly non-Muslim victims have groomed and abused literally thousands of underage girls and young women in the United Kingdom, with the authorities accused of turning a blind eye until recently.

Victims have spoken of being “made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem” for mentioning the shared ethnicity of their abusers.

Others spoke of being dismissed as having made “a lifestyle choice” by social workers, who failed to take action for fear of being accused of racism themselves.

Police have been somewhat more pro-active after being exposed to massive criticism following the revelations in Rochdale and Rotherham, busting another massive grooming ring in Newcastle — but the topic still remains taboo, particularly for left-liberal figures who have championed multiculturalism and mass immigration.

For example, the left-leaning judiciary remains generally unwilling to accept any racist motivations on the part of the abusers, and Sarah Champion MP was forced out of the Labour Party’s shadow government for daring the address them in a newspaper article.

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