Failed Asylum Seeker On the Run After Allegedly Murdering His Two-Year-Old Daughter


Hamburg police are currently on the hunt for a 33-year-old failed asylum seeker who is suspected of murdering his two-year-old daughter.

Hamburg police found the body of the two-year-old girl earlier this week while responding to a call from the man’s wife who said he had threatened her. When police arrived at the shared accommodation in the Neugraben-Fischbek district, they found the toddler dead with severe injuries to her neck, Berliner Morgenpost reports.

The failed asylum seeker had fled the scene before the police arrived and the mother was taken to a local hospital for shock along with her son.

A spokesman for the authority on foreign persons told the press the man had come to Germany as an asylum seeker in 2011 from Pakistan. His application for asylum was rejected in early 2012 and he was scheduled to be deported in the summer of that year but was put under “tolerated” status, instead.

The 33-year-old later met his wife and got married in accordance with Islamic law. Authorities would not comment on why the man had not been deported from the country despite having his claim rejected over five years ago.

The family was also previously known to police in Hamburg as they had been called out on more than one occasion for domestic violence incidents, according to a police spokesman.

There were also two separate accusations of endangering a child against the man previously, but both were dropped due to lack of proof.

The case is not the first time an asylum seeker has been accused of killing a child. Earlier this year, a 41-year-old Afghan asylum seeker stabbed a five-year-old to death in Bavaria before being shot dead by police.

The asylum seeker had previously attempted to kill his former wife and cousin by setting fire to their accommodation and later converted to Christianity – a common move by migrants to avoid deportation to countries where leaving Islam is punishable by death.

In Sweden, a pair of Syrian asylum seekers were accused of killing their five-month-old baby but because prosecutors could not decide which of them killed the child they were both not only set free but given over £14,000 in compensation.

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