Farage Asks EU’s Barnier for Meeting After Receiving Arch-Europhiles Clegg, Clarke, Adonis


With the EU inviting diehard Remainers to meetings in Brussels, Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage is launching a fightback.

Speaking to LBC listeners on his regular radio show, the former UKIP chief took aim at chief negotiator Michel Barnier for holding a series of meetings with British politicians known to be in favour of reversing, sabotaging, or watering down Brexit — most recently the “unholy trinity” of Nick Clegg, Ken Clarke, and Lord Andrew Adonis.

“We’re told that these were not formal Brexit talks — well, how could they be, because these people aren’t part of the government?” he asked.

“But it’s amazing, isn’t it? …. We’ve been told that all these meetings were requested by the people are coming to see Monsieur Barnier; his door is always open.

“Well do you know what, I’ve had enough of him trying to divide and rule our country.

“It started off with the SNP, it started off with the leader of the Welsh Assembly, it started off with Mr. Corbyn — and now anyone that wants to stop or halt Brexit is welcome to go in and see Barnier?

“I think there’s genuine collusion afoot between the people who support staying in the European Union and Monsieur Barnier, I genuinely do.

“Maybe we need a special counsel and a prosecutor to investigate all this,” he teased.

“Anyway, I’ve had enough of this neverending stream of europhiles going to see the man who is tasked with negotiating Brexit,” he emphasised, revealing that he has himself written a letter to Barnier requesting a meeting of his own.

“Dear Monsieur Barnier, as you appear to be conducting a series of meetings with UK political figures on the issue of Brexit I wish to make a request,” the missive begins.

“It seems that you are listening to a group of people who want to stop or delay Brexit.

“I will come to speak for the 17.4 million who did not vote for a transition deal or any further delays and whose resolve is getting stronger.

“I look forward to hearing from you,” it concludes.

“Surely if Nick Clegg is given the red carpet treatment, the least they can do is give me a glass of Perrier and listen to what I have to say,” he told listeners.

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