Hungary: Governments Should Be ‘Dedicated to Christian Values’ that Made Europe Great

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban gestures after delivering his speech during an official celebration of the national holiday marking the 61st anniversary of the outbreak of the Hungarian revolution and war of independence against communist rule and the Soviet Union in 1956 in front of the House of Terror …
Tamas Kovacs/MTI via AP

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that after decades of being under the control of “anti-Christian, internationalist powers” the country needs a government “based on the teachings of Christ” which “made Europe and the Hungarians great”.

Speaking at a celebratory event marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the conservative Fidesz party leader said that it was a duty of his government to protect “the ways of life that have their roots in Christianity”, including human dignity, the family, the nation, and faith communities, adding that Christian Europe needs a spiritual and intellectual renewal.

After decades of oppression under Communist rule, the Hungarians’ emergence from the collapsed Soviet Empire led them to look to their Christian heritage to frame their constitution which begins: “God bless the Hungarians!”

Mr. Orbán told crowds assembled for the anniversary: “We are grateful that the nation has united its strength, regained its feet and strengthened, […] that it has regained its vitality, its capacity for action and the desire to do great things.”

Making pointed remarks conveying his government’s scepticism of progressive doctrine, he added: “We are grateful that, instead of letting the current carry it, [Hungary] has chosen a cardinal point of the compass and a lodestar, it has charted a course, and it is creating a route for its own life.”

Alluding to the country’s defiance against interference from open-borders campaigner George Soros and the European Union, the prime minister added that “although we need to stand in the way of major forces – even global forces – we can still stand, and we are still standing on our feet”.

Hungary is being assailed by the EU over the country’s stand on the bloc’s forced migrant relocation plans, and its new legal measures for greater transparency of foreign influenced charities and universities – the latter two directly affecting the interests of the billionaire speculator Soros, whose plans to flood the continent with one million migrants a year is believed by the Hungarian government to be directly influencing the EU’s migration policy.

“We are fighting and praying together so that God may bless the Hungarian people,” said the prime minister in closing remarks. “God save Hungary! Soli Deo Gloria [Glory to God alone].”

Last month, fellow former Soviet satellite state Poland celebrated another important date in Christian history, with the Catholic Feast of the Holy Rosary that marked the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto where “the Christian fleet overcame the Muslim armada, saving Europe from Islamisation”.

The anniversary was marked by the Rosary on the Borders prayer campaign that saw over a reported one million Poles pray along the country’s 2,000-mile border for the salvation of their country, the event openly supported by Poland’s prime minister, Beata Szydło.

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