French Feminist-Anarchist Group Take Credit For Torching Several Police Officers’ Vehicles

A firefighter stands in front of a burning car during a demonstration against the French g

On October 26th several vehicles belonging to police officers were set on fire in the French commune of Meylan and now a radical leftist anarcho-feminist group has claimed responsibility saying it is “revenge” for “sexism.”

The group released a statement this week saying that they purposely set the vehicles on fire and made sure to “make a joke to the firemen” by sealing off the entrance to the police car park so they would not be able to deal with the blaze. Around 10 litres of petrol was used to ignite the vehicles which were totally destroyed L’Express reports.

“We do not want to stay in the position of victims in which society would like to place us by recognizing us as girls,” the group said.

The letter explained that the group targetted the personal property of the officers rather than their police cars because they wanted to, “attack the individuals who wear the uniforms, rather than their function,” as police.

The fire ultimately destroyed four cars and a motorcycle and the uncontrolled fire blackened a nearby residential building, though the fire did not spread to it.

Jean-Yves Coquillat, the public prosecutor in Grenoble, commented on the incident saying it was, “not far from a tragedy,” and said he found it worrying that the individual police officers were targetted by the group. He added that the incident was just the latest of a series of similar incidents that have occurred this year in the area.

Left-extremist violence is on the rise across Europe and is often directed toward law enforcement. The largest example of leftist violence was the Hamburg G20 in which left-extremist Antifa members destroyed property, looted shops and injured hundreds of police in rioting that lasted for several days.

Right-wing supporters and politicians have also been repeated targets of alt-left violence as well. Recently a social house project of the hipster-right Identitarian youth movement was targetted by left-extremists who threw a hundred bricks at the building, drilled a hole in the door and sprayed butyric acid in the building.

The alt-left have even called for violence toward mainstream journalists in Canada saying that only “approved” media, those who will not show the faces behind their masks, will be allowed to film their protests.

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