Soros-Linked NGO Demands EU Accept 540,000 Migrants From ‘Poor Countries’

Rohingya Muslim refugees wait as food is distributed by the Bangladeshi army at Balukhali

European Union (EU) nations should take more than half a million refugees currently living in third world camps, according to an open borders NGO with close links to globalist billionaire George Soros.

In an interview with EUobserver on Monday, Chairman of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) David Miliband said Europe has two choices: accept massive illegal immigration, or create routes enabling the world’s poorest people to migrate legally.

The former British foreign secretary announced he is pressing Brussels to resettle 540,000 refugees in Europe over five years, a number far larger than the 50,000 migrants the European Commission announced in September is to be delivered to EU nations from Africa over the next two years.

“The point is that the vast bulk of refugees are in poor countries, not in European countries,” he said, noting that most are living in camps close to their homelands.

Speaking at a Guardian Live event promoting his new book on Sunday, Miliband told the audience: “We rescue refugees, we rescue ourselves.

“Either [Europe] stands up for its values and its place in the multilateral system or it sees the system wither around her,” he said.

‪"If we fail refugees, we betray our own history, values, and interests." New book by David Miliband

Posted by International Rescue Committee – UK on Sunday, November 19, 2017

The IRC chief’s intervention into the debate over third world migration to Europe comes as left-wing political donor George Soros accused the Hungarian government of lying about him in its national consultation on immigration.

“The statements … contain distortions and outright lies that deliberately mislead Hungarians about George Soros’s views on migrants and refugees,” said a statement issued by the billionaire financier’s Open Society Foundations.

Hungary’s assertion that Soros wants Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants per year onto European Union territory was marked “false”, in the statement, which pointed to an op-ed penned by the arch-globalist last year, which said the EU should make a “commitment to admit even a mere 300,000 refugees annually”.

But this fails to take into account the vast amount of money spent by Soros on NGOs and other organisations working to promote open borders for Europe, and helping migrants reach the continent.

The IRC is one such organisation, not only receiving funding from the Open Society Foundations, but was also selected by Soros as one of the bodies working to “create principles” guiding the Hungarian billionaire’s $500 million “investment” in migrant-related initiatives that he announced last year.

As Breitbart London reported in September, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán denounced the mass migration agenda aggressively pushed by Soros’s “Open Society” network as a means to eradicate Europe’s cultures and Christian identity.

“The Soros network has an extensive sphere of influence within the European Parliament and other EU bodies,” Orbán said, stating that the network aims “to build a Europe of mixed population and to condemn the Hungarian government for opposing their view on migration”.

Earlier that month, Soros transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations to ensure his activism  — which, as well as seeking to tear down borders in Western nations, also aims to disempower police and “mobilise” ethnic minorities against the interests of indigenous Europeans  — continues after the 87-year-old’s death.


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