Border Force Chief: Illegal Migrants Can Use British Services, Access Schools, and ‘We Can’t Catch You’

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

A top trade union official for the UK Border Force has revealed that illegal migrants can live a good life in Britain, with access to services and schools and little chance of ever being caught.

Lucy Moreton made the shock admission in an interview with The Sun newspaper, stating: “If you are here illegally you can survive very well, you access medical services your child can go to school the chances of us catching you are very, very slim.”

She explained that successive Tory governments under incumbent Theresa May and predecessor David Cameron have not prioritised border protection and that her agency is simply incapable of doing its job.

“If you don’t break the law we are not going to get you as we don’t have the resources. We can’t catch you.”

Meanwhile, Britain’s foreign aid budget and its contributions to the European Union budget have continued to soar.

Moreton’s comments come shortly after David Wood, a former Director General of Immigration Enforcement, revealed there are “probably over a million foreigners here illegally” and “no one could ever remove them really”.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd confessed she could neither confirm nor deny the figure, having no real clue how many illegal migrants have entered the country.

Pressure on the Border Force has only increased as funding has fallen, with some 56,000 attempts on Britain’s frontiers — an average of 153 a day — being intercepted in 2016 alone.

Monitoring of those who make it through appears to be sub par, with the Rudd Home Office admitting it has lost track of 56,000 illegal migrants — including over 700 ex-cons — who were supposed to be deported.

Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration David Bolt said there was “little evidence” of the authorities taking any action to locate the vast majority of these migrants, highlighting the example of a foreign criminal who was supposed to depart the UK voluntarily missed 19 appointments in a row any before any action was taken.

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