Tebbit Savages Pro-Corbyn Heseltine over Brexit, Rips Labour’s Keith Vaz over Male Escorts and Drug Allegations


Tory grandee Lord Tebbit has called for the immediate expulsion of his colleague Lord Heseltine following calls from the latter — an anti-Brexit obsessive — for a Corbyn-led Labour government to thwart the will of the people.

Last week Breitbart London reported that Britain’s oldest Conservative think tank — the Bow Group — called for Lord Heseltine to be expelled from the Conservatives in the House of Lords after he suggested a Corbyn-led government should take power to stop Brexit. This call has now been echoed by Lord Tebbit, a close personal friend of the late Lady Thatcher whose interventions still resonate with the Conservative Party and its base.

Writing in the Telegraph on New Year’s Day, Lord Tebbit blasted Heseltine:

…Lord Heseltine, who is now backing the neo-Marxist IRA sympathiser Mr Corbyn… argues that it would be such a disaster if this kingdom were to regain its independence from rule by the European Commissioners  in Brussels that even a neo-Marxist government determined to follow the policies which have ruined Cuba and Venezuala [sic] would be a better alternative.

It would , he says, be only for a short time while Brexit would be for the long time.

He should try reading the history of the nations which have foolishly elected a far Left government then struggled to get rid of it in order  to regain their freedom.. I fear it might well be yet another chapter in the book of Marxist democracy:  One man, one vote, but only once.

There are perfectly reputable arguments to be made that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union. But to go so far as to advocate that electors should vote  for Mr Corbyn’s Labour Party is simply incompatible with membership of the Conservative party.

The article comes after the former deputy prime minister — who helped to bring down the premiership of Margaret Thatcher — conducted an interview with the left-wing political blog The Limehouse Podcast, claiming a Corbyn-led government would not be as ‘damaging’ as Brexit.

“Well, we have survived Labour governments before,” Heseltine said. “Their damage tends to be short-term and capable of rectification. Brexit is not short-term and is not easily capable of rectification. There will be those who question whether the short-term pain justifies the avoidance of the long-term disaster.”

Jeremy Corbyn however, is not even believed to be anti-Brexit. He is believed to be pro-Hezbollah, pro-Hamas, and pro-Irish Republican Army, putting Lord Heseltine in the position of notionally supporting a government which allies with those who tried to blow up his former colleagues and bosses during The Troubles.

Tebbit went on to use his Telegraph column to draw attention back to the activities of Keith Vaz MP, who was filmed soliciting sex and drugs from Romanian male escorts in 2016. An investigation into his behaviour was recently suspended due to “medical reasons”.

The Guardian reported at the time:

After the Sunday Mirror released video footage last year, Vaz apologised to his wife and two children and stood down from his role on the select committee, which among other areas scrutinises drug and prostitution policy.

Vaz reportedly told the Romanian male escorts his name was Jim and that he was a washing machine salesman. He was quoted discussing the possibility of obtaining cocaine for them next time they met, although he reportedly said he would not want to take the drug himself.

Tebbit’s column closes: “Lastly, may I set a new year puzzle for readers. It requires participants to Google the name of the Labour MP,  Keith Vaz, and read what the Guardian newspaper has written about his conduct over the past year or so. Then compare what has happened to him with has been done to men such as Field Marshal Bramall, Ted Heath, Leon Brittan and more recently Damian Green.

“It is a puzzle to me.”


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