London Islamic State Sympathiser Planned to Bomb ‘Smart People’

Islamic State

A self-described “simple man” who had an apparent hatred for people of intelligence planned a suicide bombing in London to take out “smart people”, a British court has heard.

Whitechapel resident Mohammed Kamal Hussain, 28, was arrested with Mohammed Ashfaqur Hemel, 31, last year as he planned to launch an attack, which he identified in communications in code as a “barbeque party”, reports The Times.

Calling himself “Captain the illiterate” — a pseudonym he later explained to police was missing the word “of”, communications by Hussain intercepted by officers included the confession that he considered himself “a simple man” and that “I hate the smart people”, who he wanted to kill.

To further this aim, the Islamic State aligned would-be killer was acquiring bomb-making instructions and was planning to “do something big”. Hussain denies charges of terrorist acts.

The ongoing trial comes as British police work around the clock to foil terrorist plots, with MI5 Director-General Andrew Parker revealing in November that the pace of the terror threat “at the highest tempo I’ve seen in my 34-year career”.

An advanced terror plot was foiled by officers in December, with Islamic State-inspired attacks thought to be planned in London and Birmingham.

Breitbart London reported in May that far from the 3,000 Islamic radicals thought to be at large in the United Kingdom, the security services were actually aware of at least 23,000, with 500 individuals subject to active and ongoing investigation by the security services.

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