Corbyn’s Tragic Rough Sleeper Was Twice-Deported Migrant Paedophile from Angola

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

A rough sleeper turned into a cause célèbre by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he was found dead in a London underpass near Parliament turns out to have been an illegal migrant paedophile who had been deported twice.

Marcos Amaral Gourgel was a dual Angolan-Portuguese national first deported from Britain in 2014 after serving time for child sex offences, reports the Daily Mail, which cited Portuguese daily Correio da Manha.

“In 2014 he was deported to Portugal by the British authorities and assisted on his return,” the Ministry of Portuguese Communities Abroad confirmed to the Expresso newspaper.

“In 2016 we were made aware he had been deported again from the UK for being in the country illegally.”

It is not clear how the child molester was able to return to Britain and set up camp in a London underpass yards from the Houses of Parliament, through which MPs and staff pass every day — but he may have been assisted by the EU Single Market’s freedom of movement regime, which makes it very difficult for British authorities to effectively vet EU passport-holders.

Jeremy Corbyn, whose team claimed to know Gourgel, used his death to attack “the powerful”, declaring it was time “all MPs took up this moral challenge and properly housed everyone.”

Whether or not Mr Corbyn’s definition of “everyone” was intended to include illegal migrants child molesters is unclear, although he has issued no statements condemning the obvious failures in Britain’s border and immigration controls which allowed such a dangerous individual to infiltrate the country.

The 68-year-old socialist has had something of a difficult week, with the revelations about Gourgel following revelations about meetings he had with a Communist spy during the Cold War — who claimed Corbyn acted as a paid informant codenamed ‘Cob’.

Mr Corbyn is already known to have taken money from a television network backed by the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian regime, and to have been supportive of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) during its long terror campaign in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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