Medical Report Claims ‘Child’ Migrant Who Killed 15-Year-Old Is Likely an Adult

People leave candles and flowers outside a grocery store where a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death by her Afghan ex-boyfriend on January 2, 2018 in the western German town of Kandel. / AFP PHOTO / dpa / Uli Deck / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read ULI DECK/AFP/Getty Images)
ULI DECK/AFP/Getty Images

A new medical report has claimed that the Afghan asylum seeker who stabbed 15-year-old Mia in the German town of Kandel late last year is not underage, but likely at least 20-years-old.

The Landau public prosecutor announced that the migrant, who claimed to be 15-years-old in December, is likely around 20, after a medical test examined his hands, teeth and other parts of his body through an x-ray exam, Die Welt reports.

While the medical test has shown that the Afghan asylum seeker is an adult, because he is not over the age of 21 he will still be tried as a juvenile. The maximum sentence he can receive as a juvenile is 15 years in prison, while an adult sentence can be as high as life in prison.

The Afghan came to Germany in 2016 without any identification and claimed to be underage, like many other migrants who have later been found to be adults.

On December 27th he was arrested for stabbing 15-year-old Mia to death inside a local drug store. He was thought to be her ex-boyfriend and investigators said the motivation for the murder likely had to do with a dispute between the pair as the 15-year-old no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him.

The case now draws a parallel between that of Maria Ladenburger, a German student in Freiberg who was raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant named Hussein Khavari. Originally Khavari also claimed to be underage, but soon admitted that he was an adult and his father later claimed he was at least 33.

The two cases have been a major factor in not only demands from the public for age tests for migrants claiming to be underage but also for a newly launched movement against migrant violence toward women.

The #120dB movement, named after the noise intensity of pocket rape alarms, carried out their first major protest earlier this week at a panel during the Berlinale film festival highlighting sexual assault against women in the TV and film industry.

A member of the group told Breitbart London: “The #120db movement is there to draw attention to the imported violence against European women committed by mostly Muslim immigrants.”

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