Three Times The Mainstream Media Has Denied The Existence of No-Go Zones In Europe

A police officers passes the scene of cars gutted by fire in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby after youths rioted in several different suburbs around Stockholm, Sweden for a fourth consecutive night on May 23, 2013. In the suburb of Husby, where the riots began on Sunday in response to …

For many years, the mainstream media has denied the existence of No Go Zones across various European countries. This is despite heavily migrant populated neighbourhoods turning into areas of high crime and danger for police and public alike.

This week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel shocked the world by admitting that even Germany, which has taken in well over a million migrants since the 2015 migrant crisis, has no-go zones.

Merkel, who was described as the “leader of the free world” by left-wing publication the Independent after the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, is only the latest European leader to recognize the problems within migrant enclaves.

Whether they are called no-go zones, vulnerable areas, as in Sweden, or sensitive urban areas (ZUS), as in France, their existence has become undeniable — as documented in an in-depth book by Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam recently.

Here are three times the mainstream media has denied the very existence of any no-go areas across Europe:

1. CNN Slammed Republican Bobby Jindal for Mentioning No-Go Zones in 2015

In January 2015, then-Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke out about the formation of no-go zones across the European continent, saying he had “heard from folks here that there are neighbourhoods where women don’t feel comfortable going in without veils … We all know that there are neighbourhoods where police are less likely to go into.”

CNN published attacks on Jindal including an article entitled, “Europeans use lawsuits, laughter to knock down ‘no go’ claims,” in which the network dismissed Jindal’s claims.

CNN’s Laura Akhoun said the Paris area of Belleville, where she grew up, was not a no-go zone.

She did not mention the migrant-populated suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis famous for rioting and criminality to the point that the French publicly-owned courier Chronopost refuses to deliver to certain neighbourhoods in the area, for fear of employees being attacked.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper later apologised for the fact CNN had reported for the two years prior that no-go zones did, in fact, exist.

2. Buzzfeed Denied No-Go Zones Exist in Sweden

In January 2017, left-wing website Buzzfeed released an article claiming that no-go zones in Sweden were “a myth”. The article claimed that while there are a number of “vulnerable areas” designated by police for their rampant criminality, no-go zones do not exist because they are not “Islamic no-go zones”.

Swedish police estimated there to be 61 no-go areas across the country. Despite Buzzfeed’s claim that the areas are not linked to mass migration, many of the no-go suburbs like Rinkeby, Husby, and Tensta in Stockholm and Rosengård in Malmö are well-known for a large number, if not a majority, of their residents having a “migration background”.

The issue of criminality in the migrant-heavy suburbs has become so bad that Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven has not ruled out using the military to help police regain control.

Video has even emerged online showing police in no-go zones being attacked and insulted by residents of the areas.

3. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski Attacked U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra For Mentioning No-Go Zones

In January of this year, host of CNN’s Kfile Andrew Kaczynski attacked freshly appointed U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra for mentioning no-go zones in 2015. In an article on the broadcaster’s website, Kaczynski stated flat-out: “There is no evidence to support claims of so-called ‘no-go zones’ in Europe.”

Breitbart London was able to prove that the majority of the claims Hoekstra made were largely correct, including the fact that politicians have been threatened or even killed for having stances against Islamisation and mass migration.

Kaczynski’s claims were also ridiculed by in Raheem Kassam’s book on no-go zones, which are now emerging in the United States as well as Europe.

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