Mob of Migrants Terrorise Small Town Fair Sexually Harassing Women and Fighting Locals

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 07: Visitors ride bumper cars at the Nottingham Goose Fair i
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A group of ten young asylum seeker men are said to have terrorised a local fair in the German town of Steinfurt by sexually harassing young women, fighting with local teens, and threatening ride owners.

Most of the incidents occurred at or around a bumper car ride that was set up for the town fair. In one incident at around 6:30 pm, a 22-year-old migrant molested a young girl on the upper body and legs, Der Westen reports.

The migrant, who was visibly intoxicated, also tried stealing one girl’s mobile phone and was told to leave the fair by security.

It came to light later on that the man had molested two other young girls earlier that evening.

Only an hour after the incident, the young man and his nine friends started to harass German teen males around the bumper car ride ending up in a physical fight. The fight was eventually stopped after police arrived and intervened.

By 9:30 pm, the ride owner was packing up but one of the migrants threatened him with violence as he did not want it to close for the night. The police were called again and arrested the two migrants who were kept overnight due to their intoxicated state.

Gangs of young migrant men have terrorised many fairs and music festivals in Germany since 2015 including the “Breminale” festival in Bremen in 2016 where 24 young girls reported sex attacks.

In the same year at the Oberhausen music festival, a 66-year-old woman was stabbed by an asylum seeker yelling “Allahu Akbar” in a random attack.

A terror attack was also attempted at a music festival in Ansbach, when a Syrian migrant attempted to smuggle a bomb into the festival. He was rejected by security and chose to blow himself up outside the event, killing only himself.

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