Je Ne Bregret Rien: Only 22% of Britons Want to Stop Brexit

AFP/Ben Stansall

Almost 60 per cent of Brits think the government should respect the referendum result and “get on” with delivering Brexit.

In a new poll by BMG for Change Britain, respondents were asked if they agreed that “the government should get on with implementing the result of the referendum to take Britain out of the EU and in doing so take back control of our borders, laws, money and trade”.

A strong 57 per cent agreed and less than a quarter – just 22 per cent – disagree with the statement, according to the results, seen by Guido Fawkes. Twenty-one per cent did not answer the question.

In fact, according to the poll, support for implementing the referendum result and taking back control is backed in every age group, class, British region, and among supporters of all major political parties.

Those who voted to remain in the European Union (EU) were split, with 31 per cent agreeing, 39 per cent disagreeing, and 29 per cent not answering.

Those over 55 were the most enthusiastic, with 71 per cent behind leaving and 17 per cent disagreeing. In the 18 to 34 category, 40 per cent wanted to get on with Brexit and 29 per cent did not. Fifty-three per cent of 35 to 54-year-olds agreed with the statement and 29 per cent did not.

The region most supportive of implementing Brexit was the West Midlands, with 63 per cent wanting to get on with it. The least enthusiastic was Scotland, with 44 per cent; however, this was still more than those who disagreed that it should be implemented at 32 per cent.

There was also cross-party support for “get[ting] on” with Brexit, with more people agreeing with the statement than disagreeing among those backing every major party.

UKIP supporters were the most pro-Brexit, with 91 per cent agreeing with the statement, and those behind Plaid Cymru were second, with 69 wanting to get on with the divorce despite the Welsh party’s anti-Brexit stance.

Scottish National Party (SNP) supporters were the least supportive, with 36 per cent agreeing with implementing Brexit, but they still outnumbered the 35 per cent of SNP supporters who were against divorcing from the EU.


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