Khan’s London: Gang Warfare Kills More than Terror, Despite Tightest Gun Controls Firearms Are ‘Easy’ to Buy

Oli Scarff/Getty

Gang violence in the UK is claiming more lives than terrorism, a criminologist has revealed, demanding the government takes the crimes as seriously as militant attacks.

He also explained that knives, used in most killings, are easy to get hold of and even guns can be “easy” to acquire from a “black market”, regardless of the UK’s tough gun laws.

So far this week, four people – including two teenage boys and one young girl – have been murdered with guns and knives in London, as the capital’s murder rate surges past that of New York City. Some 50 deaths in the capital this year have been attributed to murder so far.

Burglary, rape, and gang-related acid attacks are also on the rise.

Now, a lecturer in Criminology at Birmingham City University, Dr. Mohammed Rahman, has said the government needs to take drastic action.

He told the Mail Online: “There is a rise in knife crime because nothing is being done about it. Gang crime and gangland violence should be taken seriously as terrorism by the state.

“Statistical trends over the years show more fatalities of gangland activities than terrorist activities. There is no voice of reason from state officials and an absence of debate.”

He then explained why gun control laws made little difference in controlling violence, as banning the weapon simply pushes the market underground, into the hands of criminals rather than experts.

Mr. Rahman, who identifies as a Labour Party supporter, added: “Gangs have access to knives relatively easy – they are sold to over 18s in most shops.

“Although we consider ourselves to have some of the tightest gun controls laws in the world, they’re easy to get hold of.

“There is a push and a pull effect – as soon as you make it illegal you create a black market. Rogue dealers are supplying and distributing guns to gangland bosses and they are then used in hits.”

The number of murders in London, which excludes terrorism, has risen by almost 40 per cent since 2014. A total of 37 were committed in the capital in the last two months. And in February, London recorded 15 murders, while 14 murders were recorded in New York.

In the whole of 2017, 35 people were killed in terror attacks in the UK – in the Westminister attack, Manchester Arena bombing, London Bridge attack, and Finsbury Park van ramming.


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