Hungary: George Soros Plotting with Brussels to Overturn Patriotic Election Result

Orban and Soros
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George Soros is “not prepared to accept” the Hungarian election outcome, the government has said, accusing the globalist billionaire of working behind the scenes to “punish” voters for electing conservatives.

Fidesz spokesman Zoltán Kovács said recent moves “have made it crystal clear” that Soros remains committed to turning Hungary into an “immigration country” in the face of the landslide victory for the patriotic party earlier this month at the polls.

“In recent days George Soros’s son has urged people in Hungary to hold protests against democracy and against the results of the democratic elections,” reported a government newsletter, which went on to highlight Monday talks between the Hungarian-born investment banker and a senior EU commissioner in Brussels.

“Based on this”, Kovács declared it to be “absolutely obvious” that Soros and Open Society Foundations (OSF) -linked NGOs are determined to “break” the government’s opposition to EU attempts to distribute third world migrants across the whole bloc.

Noting voters gave it a clear mandate to fight mass migration at the election, in which Fidesz secured a two-thirds majority in the Hungarian Parliament, Kovács reaffirmed the government’s pledge to “resist [Brussels’ migrant quota] using all possible means”.

The remarks by Hungary’s Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy echoed comments made by the nation’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó on Wednesday when he slammed Soros’s post-election meddling.

“Soros is holding talks in Brussels with Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans,” he said, referring to a meeting at which the pair discussed “building unity between EU nations”, according to a spokesman.

“Both are radically pro-immigration and are both committed enemies of the Hungarian government and Hungarian migration policy.”

Voters made the “clear choice” to back a government which “does not bow to international pressure” aimed at making the nation prioritise the ‘rights’ of aliens to immigrate and open borders-backing NGOs to operate, ahead of “the safety of the people of Hungary”, Szijjártó said.

During a debate at the European Parliament on Thursday, the Hungarian minister reiterated the government’s stance on mass migration, which he insisted is “not the right response” to so-called ‘demographic challenges’ in the bloc.

“We want more Hungarian children and more Hungarian families instead of more migrants in Hungary,” he stressed, stating: “We love our country and will not hand it over to others.

“No matter how many times George Soros goes to Brussels and the issue of illegal migration is put on the agenda; no matter how many allies Soros has in Brussels, we will not back down. Illegal migrants will not come here,” added Szijjártó.

European Commissioner Timmermans last week issued a thinly-veiled threat towards the new Fidesz government when he warned that Brussels must not allow nations in the bloc to slide into “dictatorship”.

Noted by Kovács to be an ally of the far-left financier, the “diversity”-obsessed Dutch commissioner had previously slammed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during a 2015 outburst in which he claimed the whole continent must become multicultural and that Central European nations require leaders “with the courage to explain [this] to their population”.

Timmermans’ rhetoric in support of driving demographic change in Europe reached new heights the following year, when he claimed that the war will break out across the continent unless multiculturalism is imposed throughout EU nations including “even the most remote corners”.


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