Kassam’s ‘Enoch Was Right’ Hits #5 Movers and Shakers on Amazon, British Top 100 – Despite MEDIA BLACKOUT

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Enoch Was Right, Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam’s new book marking 50 years since ‘Rivers of Blood’, continues to surge despite a media blackout.

The surprise release, which launched as an e-book on April 20th to mark 50 years since classicist, statesman, and Second World War veteran Enoch Powell’s paradigm-shifting speech warning against mass immigration, and was released in paperback shortly afterwards.

Having already hit number one in the Ideologies and Nationalism categories on Amazon, Enoch Was Right has now broken the British Top 100 and reached the number five spot on the online retail giant’s ‘Movers and Shakers’ list — despite a concerted effort by the mainstream media to suppress news of the book’s release.

Mainstream media broadcasters are normally extremely keen to book Kassam, and he says they were particularly enthusiastic to have him on to provide a semblance of balance to their panels discussing the speech anniversary — which have proved biased and even inaccurate in some cases, in defiance of broadcasting rules.

But the author and journalist says the offers mysteriously dried up when bookers discovered he had published a book marking the anniversary, and it has yet to be reviewed in any mainstream press outlets, either.

“I was billed to go on Sky News. They cancelled. LBC too. Cancelled. The BBC wouldn’t have me on about it despite promising, and none of the mainstream journalists at newspapers — who always pick up my calls — would respond when they found out I had written this book,” Kassam observed.

“So I went it alone. But not really alone, because I had the support of the real people out there. You all, and we’re going to make this a thing, especially because the political and media elite hate it.”

Enoch Was Right can be purchased an ebook here and in paperback format here.

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