‘Youths’ Stab Father-of-Three to Death, 69th Murder Victim in Sadiq Khan’s London in 2018

Sadiq Khan
Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

A father-of-three has been stabbed to death by a group of ‘youths’ after refusing to hand over his money to them — the 69th suspected murder victim in Sadiq Khan’s London this year.

The man, thought to be a delivery driver, died of his injuries on London’s ‘millionaire row’ in Chelsea, formerly home to left-liberal actor Hugh Grant and boasting an average house price of around £.1.6 million, according to MailOnline.

“A young black man has just been stabbed to death outside my flat,” tweeted Mika Simmons, an actress who appeared in the long-running BBC hospital drama Casualty.

“I’ve been told he was working as a delivery driver and refused to give some other youths some money.”

Neighbour Angus Hulme told the MailOnline: “A woman was on the street when it happened. A girl who’d been looking after him as he lay there said that he’s tried to get up but she told him to stay where he was and stay still.

“She tried to get him talking while waiting for an ambulance. That’s when he said he had three kids.”

“We walked past a black SUV car at just after 10.30 p.m. The driver’s door was left open and there was loads of blood on the driver’s side inside. Someone else was looking inside at the same time and ran to get the emergency services,” added local teenager Ellen Maatta, 19.

“We saw armed police officers and went back indoors. It was so scary. We were really shocked. We couldn’t believe it,” added friend Saga Granberg, also 19.

A male witness who did not wish to be named described the scene of the crime in more detail, saying how he found the victim “drenched in blood on the road”.

“He’d been stabbed in his chest and in the top of his leg. He was unconscious but still breathing.

“He was obviously in shock as his leg was kicking out. Two men and two women had put a tourniquet around his leg but there was loads of blood coming out,” he said.

“But by the time [paramedics] got to us this man’s eyes were rolling back. They tried to treat him in some way right there in the street. I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m really shocked after seeing something like that.”

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