Delingpole: Hardman Actor Danny Dyer Is Right – Brexit Is a Swearing Matter

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 20: Danny Dyer wins the award for Best Serial Drama Performance at the 21st National Television Awards at The O2 Arena on January 20, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
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Danny Dyer – the hardman actor (Human Traffic; The Football Factory) currently running the Queen Vic pub in EastEnders – has become a national hero in Britain by calling former Prime Minister David Cameron a four-letter expletive.

Dyer, speaking on ITV’s Good Evening Britain, was venting his disgust at the ongoing failure of the UK government to deliver on Brexit. As he explained, he holds David Cameron partly to blame.

“This whole Brexit thing when you’re judging them. Who knows what Brexit is. You watch Question Time and it’s comedy. No-one knows what it is – it’s like this mad riddle. What’s happened to that twat David Cameron that called this on?

“How come he can scuttle off? He called all this on. Where is he? He’s in Europe, in Nice, with his trotters up. Where is the geezer? He should be held to account for it.”

Many people seem to agree that Dyer’s performance was the highlight of an otherwise lacklustre evening which saw the England football team being beaten 1-0 by a team from Belgium.

But inevitably, there have been dissenting voices:

You’d never guess from that use of the word “lumbered” that Tim Stanley is the chief leader writer for the Daily Telegraph, formerly Britain’s most soundly conservative newspaper. Trump is the most #winning conservative president in living memory; Limbaugh is probably the most effective, honest, fearless tell-it-like-it-is conservative talk show host anywhere in the world. In what way, pray, does having such talents fighting for your cause count as being “lumbered”?

One conservative commentator who does get it is the Spectator‘s Fraser Nelson.

He writes:

As an admirer of David Cameron, I was appalled when he broke his word and resigned on the morning of the Brexit vote two years ago. Not for the first time, I was thrown because I had taken him at his word and believed him when he said that he’d stay no matter what the result. His decision to ban Whitehall from preparing for a ‘no’ result denied crucial preparation time with consequences still being felt today. So I had a certain sympathy with Danny Dyer who had a few things to say about Cameron on ITV’s Good Evening Britain last night.

Nelson is right. Dyer speaks for the people. The fact that he uses unseemly language is not – as that sensitive soul Tim Stanley would have us believe – a deplorable sign of the increasing vulgarity of political debate. Rather, it’s a healthy outburst of entirely justified frustration on behalf of all those of us – 17.4 million – who voted for Brexit and who now have good reason to believe that our desire is going to be frustrated by all the Remainers in government and the civil service and the media.

We voted Brexit. We’re not getting Brexit.

How is that not a swearing matter?


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