Globalist Macron Fires Hungary Ambassador for Praising Orban’s Immigration Policy

French President Emmanuel Macron attends the OECD ministerial council meeting on "Refounding Multilateralism", in Paris, France, Wednesday, May 30, 2018. Macron warned against trade wars in an impassioned speech about international cooperation Wednesday, two days before the Trump administration decides whether to hit Europe with punishing new tariffs. (Philippe Wojazer/Pool …
Philippe Wojazer/ AP

President Emmanuel Macron has replaced France’s ambassador to Hungary after a memo in which the diplomat praised conservative Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s migration policy was leaked to the media.

Macron replaced Eric Fournier with Pascale Andreani over the weekend after a confidential note dated June 18th was leaked by left-wing French news website Mediapart.

Breitbart London reported Sunday that Mr Fournier had written that Prime Minister Orbán’s policy was a “model, having anticipated the problems posed by illegal migratory movements”.

Writing in the diplomatic note, the envoy denounced Europe’s “Hungarophobia” and criticised the “intellectual habit” that “‘Anglo-Saxon’ and French media have to qualify any democratically elected government that does not correspond to their worldview as ‘populist'”, in the derogatory.

Defending a Hungary’s right to claim a Christian heritage, the envoy added: “What is more normal, a priori, from a nation that has continued for 1,018 years to make Saint Stephen one of its founding fathers?” (The Hungarian Church was founded by King Stephen I, who was later canonised by the Catholic Church.)

And lambasting those in the establishment media and politics for accusing Hungary of anti-Semitism, Mr Fournier, pointed out that the “real, contemporary anti-Semitism” is coming from “Muslims in France and Germany”.

The globalist French president told press Brussels on Friday that the comments “did not reflect the French position at all”, adding: “In no way do I share the sentiments of the words that you just mentioned and that you have revealed. Not in the least.”

Macron then attacked Orbán’s anti-mass migration, anti-open borders stance by claiming Hungary was playing a “non-cooperative and nationalist game unworthy of the European Union”, before dismissing Ambassador Fornier.

The fanatical Europhile has criticised Orbán and Poland’s leadership over their refusal for accepting the forced redistribution of third world migrants who arrived in Italy and Greece during the 2015 migrant crisis.

Hungary’s effective border security since the migrant crisis has brought illegal migration — which at the height of the crisis saw thousands pass weekly through the Central European nation — into Europe via the country down by 99 percent.

In April, Orbán won his third consecutive term as Prime Minister, his conservative Fidesz party governing coalition gaining a supermajority in parliament after running on a platform of protecting his nation from interference from foreign civil society groups (such as those run by progressive, open borders financier George Soros), and defending the nation’s borders and Christian identity.

Since Macron’s election to the presidency last year, the pro-EU federalist’s approval rating has hit a record low of 40 percent.


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