Illegal Migrant Population in Paris No-Go Zone Suburbs Hits 400,000

TOPSHOT - Men look at a makeshift camp during its evacuation by police, along the Canal de

There could be as many as 400,000 illegal immigrants living in Seine-Saint-Denis according to a report from the French parliament.

The report claims that between eight and 20 percent of the population of Paris’s troubled northern suburb may be constituted by illegal immigants and that many live on the streets because of the strain the sheer number has put on social services, Le Figaro reports.

According to the report, the suburbs suffer a poverty rate twice as high as Paris at 28 percent and an unemployment rate three percentage points higher than the city to the south.

The report was authored by Rodrigue Koukouendo, a member of President Emmanuel Macron’s Le Republique En Marche (LREM) party and  François Cornut-Gentille of the conservative Republicans, with both authors noting that social services and police in the area were struggling due to the number of illegals.

The two MPs suggested a reform of the way the government collects statistical data to help the problem writing: “To identify urban phenomena of ghettoisation, to explain educational difficulties, to combat discrimination and to adapt the resources of the police and the judiciary to a specific population, the question of establishing so-called ethnic statistics is raised.”

Currently, France does not collect the ethnic or religious data on individuals in birth, criminal, or census statistics joining other European countries like Sweden which has a similar policy.

Following the destruction of the former Calais Jungle migrant camp, Paris has become the main hub for illegal migrants. Some estimate that as many as 500 or more migrants arrive in the city each day, with thousands living homeless in makeshift migrant camps.

While Interior Minister Gérard Collomb has made steps to dismantle the makeshift camps in the city, he slammed Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo who he claims has not done enough to stop the camps from reappearing after they are cleared.

Ms Hidalgo has instead supported plans proposed by Paris Communist Party politicians to build an asylum accommodation in one of the cities major parks.

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