London Landlord Renames Pub ‘Trump Arms’ in Celebration of Presidential Visit

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A London landlord is temporarily renaming his pub ‘The Trump Arms’ in celebration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the UK next week and as a show of Anglo-American solidarity.

Damien Smyth, who runs The Jameson pub in Hammersmith, told Breitbart London that he will be throwing a ‘Welcome Trump’ party “to show solidarity with the U.S. people and the President” who will be visiting the UK on Friday the 13th of July as part of a wider European trip.

“We’re the greatest friends in the world and natural buddies,” Mr Smyth, who hails from Ireland and is married to a New Yorker, said.

“We want to show solidarity. We want to thank Trump for making the world safe again.”

Mr Smyth said that he wanted to make sure the President knew that Britons “are not all crazy protesters” and talked of the important history of the United States and the United Kingdom as allies.

“It’s so important to let people know we’re old family and old friends,” the West London landlord said.

Breitbart London spoke to the organiser of The Art of the Party — a hat tip to President Trump’s bestselling novel The Art of the Deal —  planned for Saturday the 14th, CEO of the think tank Parliament Street Patrick Sullivan, who said that he has been overwhelmed with support from Trump fans across the UK.

“The number of Trump supporters is quite something,” Mr Sullivan said. “There is interest coming from up and down the country.”

Breitbart London asked Mr. Sullivan what he thought of leftist London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has called for President Trump’s visit to be cancelled, saying he is “not welcome” to the city, and recently granted permission for a grotesque inflatable caricature of the President to fly in London in protest on the day of his visit.

“We wanted to show that the negative press put out by Sadiq Khan doesn’t represent the whole of London or the country,” Mr Sullivan said.

The think tank CEO noted that President Trump has more in common with the average Briton than the Westminster elite, saying that the “Westminster establishment didn’t predict Brexit. He’s more in tune with real Brits.”

The event’s website says: “President Donald J. Trump has Made America Great Again and has Made the World Safe Again.

“The FAKE NEWS Media would have you believe that we don’t like President Trump in this country but that is because they never speak to REAL voters.”

When floating the idea of a welcome party, Mr. Sullivan said that locals and pub patrons were keen on the idea.

“This is real Britain,” he said. “Real London. This is what the mainstream media fails to cover so often. All they portray to the rest of the world is the ‘Westminster Bubble’” — the British equivalent of the Washington, D.C., ‘Swamp’.

President Trump is due to attend a NATO summit on Thursday the 12th of July in Brussels, Belgium. He will then head to Britain the following Friday where he is due to meet Queen Elizabeth II before heading to Scotland, the birthplace of his mother. The President is then due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland for a summit on Monday the 16th.


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