Iranian Migrant Jailed for Raping 12-Year-Old Boy in Glasgow Alley

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

An Iranian migrant has been jailed after he dragged a child into a dead-end road in Glasgow and forced him to his knees before raping him.

According to local media, the High Court in Glasgow heard that on August 18 last year, Yones Beyranvand, 37, lured the 12-year-old boy to follow him before raping him.

During a police search of the defendant’s home in Rona Street, Glasgow, officers found indecent images of children on his computer as well as an extreme pornographic image depicting bestiality, which he was convicted of having in his possession.

Judge Johanna Johnston QC handed a nine-year jail term to Beyranvand, who will likely serve less than five years in prison as Britain typically paroles criminals automatically once half the sentence has been served.

She also ordered that he be monitored in the community for two years after release, but the court heard there was a possibility the Iranian could be deported.

A spokesman for NSPCC Scotland said: “Beyranvand’s appalling crimes are those of a predatory child abuser.

“He inflicted horrific abuse on his victim, whose life will have been devastated by his sickening actions.

“The seriousness of Beyranvand’s crimes are reflected in the prison sentence handed down and we hope that his victim now receives the help and support needed to recover from what has happened to him.”

Glasgow is home to a fairly substantial Iranian diaspora of around 6,000 people, with the Islamic Republic’s president Hassan Rouhani having earned his degree in the Scottish city.

Hailed as a moderate and a reformer when he was first elected, Rouhani has fallen far short of liberal expectations, with Iran rapidly increasing its execution rate intensifying its aggressive, interventionist foreign policy under his tenure.

Data published in September showed that more than 10,800 sexual offences were recorded in Scotland that year, the highest figure since comparable records began almost 50 years ago, and one which marked a 60 percent rise from the 6,552 reported to police in 2007/08.

Data published this week for England and Wales showed the number of rapes surged 31 percent and a 21 percent rise in other recorded sex attacks compared to the previous year.

As Breitbart London reported Thursday, the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures revealed a surge in “high-harm” violent offences including homicides, and gun and knife crime.


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