VIDEO: Communists Violently Storm Council Anti-Semitism Debate, Politicians Flee in Fear

So-called “anti-racist” campaigners have stormed a council debate on anti-Semitism, …

So-called “anti-racist” campaigners have stormed a council debate on anti-Semitism, forcing politicians to flee the building, “frightened” and in tears.

The revolutionary communist Fight Racism Fight Imperialism group led the assault on Newcastle City Council as they discussed adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.

Video published by Chronicle Live shows activists screaming “you should be ashamed!” and “racist!” as the councillors rush out of the debating chamber Wednesday afternoon.

The aggressive action began when the council’s Liberal Democrat opposition deputy leader, Nick Cott, introduced the IHRA definition and ended with one protestor being wrestled out.

Activists in the public gallery above shouted, unfurled Palestinian flags, abused councillors, and one man was dragged away by security after breaking into the main council chamber.

Earlier this week, Labour’s ruling body finally voted to adopt the IHRA definition following months of criticism for omitting parts and escalating incidents of anti-Semitism in the party.

However, the party leader tried to insert a clause allowing people to call the foundation of Israel, and by extension the self-determination for the Jewish people, a “racist” act.

The next day, posters appeared in London calling Israel a “racist entity” — which is widely considered an anti-Semitic statement.

After the Newcastle meeting, council leader Nick Forbes labelled the demonstrators “clowns” who “don’t do anything to further the cause of the Palestinians”.

He told Chronicle Live: “We are used to heated debate, but the protest we saw in the gallery tonight, the alleged assault of security staff, the shouting of abuse at councillors, the ranting, and the jumping into the council chamber goes beyond what I think anybody would accept as normal political debate.

“Many of the councillors tonight felt intimidated, several were in tears during the interval we had and were frightened to come back into the council chamber. That is, in effect, an assault on our democracy.”

He added: “We will not put up with that and I really hope the police throw the book at these clowns. They don’t do anything to represent people, they don’t do anything to further the cause of the Palestinians.

“They are simply out to cause trouble and that is not acceptable in a modern, liberal democracy.”

Before the meeting, protesters had gathered outside the civic centre, with one, Luke Meehan, echoing the debating in Labour by calling Israel a “racist state”.


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