Bataclan Terrorist Abdeslam Insults Prison Workers as ‘Dogs’, ‘Infidels’

Paris attacks
Police Nationale/AFP/File

Radical Islamic terrorist Salah Abdeslam, who took part in the 2015 Bataclan massacre in Paris, is said to regularly insult prison guards and refers to them as “infidels”.

Reports from the Fleury-Mérogis prison describe Abdeslam’s incredibly aggressive behaviour, with one noting: “ABDESLAM, Salah threatened the supervisor XXX during the distribution of the meal, in these terms: ‘Why are you looking at me loser? You’re a loser, come to my cell and I’ll explain. I am a Muslim and you are infidels, dogs; one day, it will change, you will kiss my feet’,” Le Figaro reports.

The behaviour from Abdeslam, the last remaining terrorist from the Bataclan attack who was convicted in a Belgian court in March and sentenced to 20 years in prison, is nothing new, as he had previously responded to a letter saying he was “not ashamed” of himself or his actions on November 2015.

Following the attack, Abdeslam chose not to blow himself up, despite having a suicide vest, and fled to Brussels where he hid in the migrant-populated suburb of Molenbeek, which has become known across the globe as a centre of radical Islamic extremism in Europe.

Abdeslam was able to shelter in Molenbeek for months before police eventually raided the apartment he was living in and arrested him. Following the arrest, he was taken to Fleury-Mérogis prison where he was met with cheers from sympathetic inmates.

The prison, which is the largest in Europe, is also well-known for having a substantial population of radical Islamic extremists. Earlier this year, the prison saw a pair of suspicious deaths including a 39-year-old who was set to be released only a few days after the day of his murder.

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