Corbyn’s Latest Red Terror Plan: Britain Must Double the Number of Onshore Wind Farms

Norwegian pilot Andreas Mikkelssen and his Norwegian co-pilot Ola Floene drive their Volks

Today, Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left Labour Party will announce its latest devilish plan: to cover Britain’s green and pleasant land with dark, satanic mills.

According to the Telegraph:

In his keynote speech to the Labour Party Conference, Mr Corbyn will promise to double the number of onshore wind farms in the UK and increase offshore wind power sevenfold.

Mr Corbyn will claim the move would create a “green jobs revolution” that would create more than 400,000 skilled jobs.

Setting out his plans to invest in green jobs, Mr Corbyn will say: “There is no bigger threat facing humanity than climate change. We must lead by example.”

So: we’ve already had it confirmed by one of its delegates that Labour plans to ruin Britain economically, by declaring a General Strike — just like the one that did so well for the country back in 1926.

Now, it would appear, Labour plans to ruin Britain physically as well.

With good reason are bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes extremely unpopular with rural communities: they slice and dice avian fauna; they disturb people’s sleep and ruin people’s health with their low-frequency noise; they drive people mad with shadow flicker; they blight views; they reduce property values; they upset horses; they enrich a few selfish landowners at the expense of their many neighbours; they cause needless division in community relations.

Oh, and they’re also hugely expensive (about twice as much as conventional gas power), they drive up the cost of energy (sending the most vulnerable into fuel poverty) they don’t work when the wind doesn’t blow (or when it blows too hard and they have to be switched off), they require constant back up from conventional power on standby, and it probably costs more CO2 building them than is “saved” during their entire lifetime’s operation.

They’re utter rubbish basically: a charter for the money-grubbing, rent-seeking, crony-capitalist spivs that tend to do so well under Socialist regimes, at the expense of the actual poor.

So how entirely fitting that an economically illiterate, misanthropic bunch of Neanderthals like Labour should champion these hateful, inefficient monstrosities as the future.

Jeremy Corbyn claims they would create 400,000 jobs.

Yes, but you could also create 400,000 jobs — and at far less environmental cost — if you simply paid people to dig holes in the ground with teaspoons and then got them to fill them up again.

Also, there is nothing new in this plan. It’s just a rehash of the sort of greenie drivel Labour were spouting nine years ago when that ludicrous chancer Lord Mandelson was in government.

As Ben Pile wrote at the time:

This is not a race to create a dynamic economy. It is not a race to create a new liberating politics. It is not an attempt to improve people’s lives. There is only a race, across the Green West, to stifle development, to prevent progressive change, and to remove entirely any form of aspiration from politics. That is the ‘revolution’ it wants to create. It is being advanced by people who are simply unable to make a case for any positive form of development, because they lack any sense of what that development might consist of, and lack any form of connection with the public. They are held over a barrel by unaccountable, unelected, self-serving and self-appointed Non-Governmental Organisations that increasingly oppose the very principle of economic growth and of technological development, and are increasingly hostile to the idea that people are able to and should be allowed to make decisions for themselves. This ‘revolution’ is being blindly constructed by people who, even if they did have a good argument for development on its own terms would not be able to frame it on such terms, because they have entirely lost faith in the idea that life can be improved.

Nothing has changed. Politicians like Jeremy Corbyn still mouth the same old green platitudes and pie-in-the-sky ‘sustainability’ projects as if they are still are thing.

And the current Conservative government is really only a fraction better. Perhaps someone will decide to point out at next week’s Tory Party conference in Birmingham that the green emperor is wearing no clothes. It would be about time.


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