Video of Tommy Robinson Waving to Supporters at Court Under Investigation by Police


A Canadian journalist associate of Tommy Robinson is under police investigation for filming the activist waving at fans from a window after his appearance in court this Thursday.

It is illegal and can constitute contempt of the court to film inside a court building in the United Kingdom, with section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 making it an offence to photograph people within court precincts.

On Thursday Ezra Levant, a Canadian political activist and broadcaster, shared a short video on Twitter on Mr Robinson allegedly filmed inside the Old Bailey.

Robinson was also pictured with his phone out, but footage on Twitter only shows the activist standing by a window, outside the courtroom, and focuses mainly on the crowds outside on the street.

A City of London Police spokesman told Breitbart London: “We have been made aware of a video on social media which appears to show filming taking place inside the Central Criminal Court, and has been shared online.

“We will be looking into whether any offences have been committed.”

Janice Atkinson, an independent right-wing Member of the European Parliament (MEP), was also accused by a left-wing journalist of the same crime.

Right-leaning activists are increasingly turning to social media to communicate with the public amid claims they are treated unfairly in the mainstream media.

Mr Robinson himself was in court on charges of contempt of court, for allegedly filming child grooming suspects outside cases with strict reporting restrictions.

He served two months in jail for the alleged offence before appeal judges found sentencing had sacrificed “fairness” for speed. Evidence had not been properly viewed and the charges not explained, it was found.

Supporters of a fair trial have claimed the state and legal system is unfairly harsh on the activist because of his campaigning against political correctness, and police and court failings in relation to rape and grooming gangs.

When asked what he was expecting Thursday ahead of the appearance, Robinson said: “I’m expecting the full weight of the establishment against me, which is what I’ve had for ten years.”

In a Facebook live video earlier on Thursday morning, Robinson said: “This trial is a crock of shit”.

Asked if he was feeling confident, he said: “Yeah, quietly.”

People in Britain have been jailed for filming trials from the public gallery and streaming footage over Facebook. However, short clips outside the courtroom, not showing proceedings, are less commonly investigated.

Several journalists and members of extreme left-wing “anti-fascist” group Hope Not Hate (HnH) discussed how to get Mr Levant and his employees “done” and in “a prison cell with [Tommy Robinson] too” on Twitter.

The HnH activists, who have taken funding from groups linked to the pro-open borders billionaire activist George Soros, encouraged people to report the footage to the police and said the jailing of the activists would be “funny.”

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