Teen Told to ‘Get Out’ of College Class After Confessing Tommy Robinson Support

Tommy Robinson
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A teen student says she has left college after revealing her support for Tommy Robinson and being told, “Get out, we don’t want people with your views.”

The 17-year-old told StokeonTrentLive she was ostracised on day one of the community college course run by Total People in Crewe, Cheshire, which she had enrolled in to pick up qualifications in English and mathematics in preparation for an apprenticeship which she hoped would give her a “fresh start”.

“I was given a final warning for being too right-wing,” she claimed, after falling foul of a classroom dominated by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, the hard-left Labour Party leader who has achieved a zealous following despite repeated scandals — including attendance at a memorial honouring the Black September terrorists, meetings with IRA killers and a Communist spy, and paid appearances on Iranian state television.

“It was the first day and we were all having a conversation when Jeremy Corbyn came up, I asked people not to get into it because I was filled with a room of lefties,” the student told StokeonTrentLive.

“I said my opinion and the teacher said ‘get out, we don’t want people with your views’. I was given a final warning for being too right-wing.

“The class then started asking everyone who their favourite person was and I said Tommy Robinson. I like what he is doing for our country and I follow all of his stories — I think he is a saviour,” she added.

The teen said she was made to feel so uncomfortable that she was “terrified” to continue with the classes, and has now pulled out.

“Everyone should be allowed to have their own opinion but I felt mine was just shot down. I’m terrified and I don’t want to go back,” she said.

Father Gareth Cook said he was “absolutely fuming” that, according to his daughter, staff had “turned around and said she might not be able to continue with the course” for expressing her views.

“She had to sit there and put up with opinions she doesn’t agree with and they only reacted like this because it’s Tommy Robinson,” he said.

“I’m a big fan and think the guy is a legend but this is how people react when they hear his name.”

Total People have responded to the allegations with the following generic statement, reported by the Daily Mirror:

“We are an inclusive organisation, we are values-led and we ask that all learners are collaborative; respect each other’s views and work towards common goals.

“We have successfully worked with learners over a 20+ year period from many different backgrounds, religions and diverse cultures.

“We are confident that we provide a fair and supportive environment that enables everyone to work together and achieve their learning and employment goals.

“We uphold British values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance and Individual Liberty.”

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