Delingpole: Never Mind ‘Green GB Week’, Theresa. Where Is Our Brexit?

MAIDENHEAD, ENGLAND - APRIL 21: Prime Minster Theresa May talks to students and first-time voters at Cox Green School on April 21, 2017 in Maidenhead, England. In an attempt to gain a larger Brexit mandate the Conservative Prime Minster Theresa May made the shock announcement to hold a snap general …
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Here are some of the bold, exciting initiatives Theresa May’s government has proposed recently in order to stave off the threat of Jeremy Corbyn and his raging Communists:

  • NHS doctors to provide old people with free cookery lessons/dance classes to stop them feeling lonely.
  • Calling the elderly rude names to be made a “hate crime”.
  • “Austerity” to be ended by hiking the tax bills of the “rich”.

But my favourite so far has got to be the one launched yesterday by Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It’s called Green GB Week.

To get an idea what an amazing job it has done to revitalise the Conservative base, here are some of the comments below a piece Clark published in the former shires Tory journal the Daily Telegraph, headlined “It’s time to reap the benefits of a low carbon economy”.

This article is utter rubbish by an over promoted MP with no real knowledge of what is involved. His claim about 50% of our energy from low carbon sources is nonsense and obviously came from a civil servant manipulating data which is false.


Most of the world now, and a lot of people here, get the fact that the global warming scare is a scam designed to transfer wealth from the taxpayers of rich nations into the pockets of hucksters and charlatans.

And politicians like you are their useful idiots.


When you find a Conservative pedalling this rubbish you cannot but admire the left-wing inspired grab of the environmental debate with flawed science.


No one is listening anymore.  The horse is dead, it can be flogged no more.  Time to move on and stop ruining our landscapes and seascapes with virtue signalling monstrosities.

No cherry-picking was needed. All but two of the 46 comments are unfavourable, which I suspect is pretty representative of where Telegraph readers stand on the issue. And not just Telegraph readers but voters generally.

There is a huge chasm dividing Britain right now and it’s not the one between left and right or rich and poor. It’s the one between the liberal elite of the political class — and the hapless ordinary folk, aka the electorate, who have to live with the consequences of their overlords’ blithering incompetence and idiocy.

There’s a book I keep mentioning in my podcasts by the Polish MEP and academic Ryszard Letgutko. It’s called Demon in Democracy and its thesis is that modern liberal democracy is just a slightly cosier version of the Communism he experienced as a child behind the Iron Curtain.

This Green GB Week is a good example of what he means.

Here is Greg Clark a senior apparatchik of the regime insulting us with the kind of uplifting mendacity you’d expect of a Pravda editorial celebrating another record year for tractor production.

He writes:

“The low carbon economy has moved from being seen as costly, restrictive and burdensome to one of opportunity, growth and potential.”

Really? Is there a single person, anywhere in Britain, outside the government, the Civil Service, the renewables industry, Greenpeace, academe, or the BBC who actually believes this utter nonsense?

People in Britain don’t want their lovely countryside carpeted with more bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes; they don’t want Drax burning woodchips imported from the U.S.; they don’t want more expensive electricity; they don’t want toffs being subsidised to plonk vast solar arrays in the field where they used to enjoy walking the dog; they don’t want hectoring loons like the BBC resident climate activist Roger Harrabin burbling on about bollocks IPCC reports which they know are just made up drivel; they resent subsidising rich, virtue-signalling twonks to recharge their Teslas for free; they want real jobs not the Potemkin jobs in fake green industries which only exist because of taxpayer subsidy.

People in Britain don’t give a toss about Green GB Week. And if Theresa May and her crew think it’s a lovely, shiny, feel-good thing which is going to distract everyone from her failure to deliver Brexit, well that shows just how away-with-the-fairies this awful government is.

Does this government have any idea, any idea, how much it is hated?

In the two years since Britain voted Brexit, about the only thing that Theresa and her crew have done which is useful and good is to remind us, day in, day out, of the establishment arrogance, the sclerosis, the spinelessness, the creeping bureaucracy, the high level disdain for ordinary people which serve so well to remind us precisely what we were voting against in that EU Referendum two years ago.

By heavens, the dreadful woman must go — and take all her Remainer cabinet with her. I’m not sure how much longer any of us can take it.


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